What is gaming if it doesn’t let you break away from the screen to step outside and challenge your folks! Bringing back the charm and zeal of outdoor gaming, SuperSuit revs-up the entire gaming experience across age groups. The company also appointed, Alice Brooks, the founder of Roominate, with two deal-closing Shark Tank appearances (funded by Mark Cuban) and two successful Kickstarters.

The company also announced a fresh round of investment from visionaries, including Ratan Tata, and founders of unicorn companies Flipkart (Binny Bansal), Ola Cabs (Bhavish & Ankit) and Freshdesk (Girish Mathrubootham). The most recent investments have been raised from Ratan Tata, chairman of the TATA conglomerate. The company has raised fundings of over $2.5 million till date.

SuperSuit is the world's first wearable gaming platform that reduces screen time, increases social interaction, encourages physical activities and takes kids & families outdoors to play with each other. It supports exciting, but non-violent games. Its prototype launch at CES 2016 received an overwhelming response, where gesture control technology was incorporated in outdoor gaming.

Speaking at the occasion, Rajat Dhariwal, Co-Founder & CEO of SuperSuit, said, “Outdoor gaming is slowly losing its relevance owing to the shrinking outdoors in urban spaces and safety concerns in suburbs. We are determined  to bring back gaming in its true avatar by amalgamating the concept of outdoor gaming with gesture-control technology. We are excited to have toy industry veteran Alice & UX expert Rajiv on board the SuperSuit team with a shared vision of an active and balanced childhood.”

SuperSuit will launch its pre-order campaign in September this year. SuperSuit is a three-component gear comprising the SuperGlove, SuperBot and SuperVest. SuperVest is the armour your Superhero needs. It will respond, light up and even talk to you, as you play the superhero the world needs. SuperGlove, on the other hand, creates the charm of telekinesis, while SuperBot is a superhero’s sidekick that can sense other players and fire back at them.

Alice Brooks is the founder & CEO of Roominate, a beloved toy brand that was acquired in Jan 2016. With deal-closing Shark Tank features, two successful crowdfunding campaigns & the sale of 100s of thousands of units through partnerships with Walmart et al, Alice came on board SuperSuit. Apart from her, Rajiv Patel, owner of Lift Projects, and creator of first FitBit mobile app and enterprise app for Dropbox, has also been onboarded as the head of design.

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