For people awaiting an update on Google's Project Ara for long, here's something for you all. According to the recent information made available by the tech giant, the most awaited Project Ara phone is almost into the last stages of production and can be expected to reach the markets by early next year. Further, the company also revealed that developers can expect to lay their hands on the device by sometime around October.

It has been two years now that the tech giant has been meticulously working on the project. These two years have seen Google closely guarding all the secrets related to the project but according to industry sources, the company has made quite a few changes in the final product when compared to its original idea. The final product can be expected to be a little less modular as initially projected.

The updated Project Ara phone would have its processor, display, storage and RAM fixed in the frame. According to the previously disclosed concept and prototype, the idea was to have the entire device modular, which meant one could separately select almost all the components and build themselves their own unique phones reflecting their personality and needs.

The project's website reads that the modular smartphone will come with power packed with six very useful swappable parts. A video posted further shows a glimpse of swappable modules like the fingerprint scanner module, camera module, e-ink display for notifications, kickstand, GPS module and speaker and microphone module. However, according to various tech experts, the company could end up adding many more by the time the phone reaches the market next year.

One major difference from the earlier times is, that one doesn't need to remove a module mechanically anymore. Now, in order to remove and swap a module, the user is just required to press a button present on the side of the device and then carefully select from the settings menu the component that they wish to eject. Keep watching this space for more on the project.
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