While Bihar might be facing some heat currently due to the faux-pas its education system has recently created, but here's some news which can surely cheer up the state.

A recently released ranking by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), has Nitish Kumar-led Bihar taking the lead over all the states and union territories in the country when it comes to steps taken to improve the ease of doing business on their land.

The ranking which saw Bihar emerge at the top, was carried out on real-time basis by the DIPP on business reforms and action plans.

While Bihar acquired the first position, it was followed by Telangana for second, Jharkhand for third and Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka for fourth and fifth positions, respectively.

According to industry experts, these rankings are dynamic in nature and might change time to time based on the various business focused initiatives the state and union territories initiate.

In what could be considered as a very encouraging news for the Eastern state, Bihar had finished at a disappointing 21st position in the final rankings of last year, but it certainly bounced back this year by finishing first with a score of 8.53%.

Commenting on the dynamic nature of the rankings, the DIPP said, it is currently in the midst of uploading and validating reforms by states, hence, and the "results and rankings displayed on this are highly dynamic".

In order to provide for a friendly but competitive business environment in the country, the now 2 years old Modi government had come up with an idea to start ranking the states on the basis of their business-friendly initiatives.

The World Bank had recently ranked Gujarat on the top among states, on the ease of doing business index but, quite surprisingly, the state has acquired a mediocre sixth position on the list calculated on real-time basis.

The commerce and industry ministry is reviewing the states on real time basis this year, making the rankings dynamic. Further, as against 91 last year, the evaluation is being carried on 340 parameters this year.

The 15 of this month i.e. June 15 is the deadline set for the States and union territories to upload the status of all their completed reforms. After that is done, the DIPP along with the help from the World Bank will release the final rankings.

According to a tweet by DIPP Secretary Ramesh Abhishek, "States are in process of uploading ease of doing biz reforms done by them on DIPP portal. Ranking to happen only in July after validation".

As of now, only 16 states have locked in their details about reform measures initiated by them on the DIPP-managed portal.

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