London-based technology startup Chototel having a tagline - "The People's Hotel", has chosen the Indian land as its destination to set up its pilot "super-budget" hotel.

According to whispers going round in the hospitality industry, the startup is currently in final level talks of acquiring lands in Chakan, Goa and Gujarat so as to get started with its next round of projects in the Asian country. Chototel aspires to build some 100,000 rooms on the Mumbai-Pune-Goa corridor in the period of next five years.

There are various factors that distinguish a Chototel hotel from any other. For example: in its super budget Chototel hotel, the tariff will start at a minimal 100 rupees per day and facilities such as uninterrupted water, electricity, gas and social infrastructure like gardens, community kitchen, daycare and infirmaries etc. will be provided. In order to make the project successfully deliver efficiencies from construction through to maintenance and hotel operations, a diverse array of Internet of Things, closed loop, real-time cash transfer, digital health and Big Data technologies are being employed.

In a statement to a website, Chris Phillips, Chairman, Chototel, divulges what made the company choose India over any other country. According to him, the country's diversified economy and promising growth prospects helped it make the cut. Further, Phillips also added that, he is hopeful the country's policy-makers will take suitable actions to enhance the country’s economic strength and, in turn, its financial strength in the coming years.

[caption id="attachment_105915" align="aligncenter" width="628"]Chototel's Typical Room  Chototel's Typical Room [/caption]

Rhea Silva, Managing Director, Chototel, describes the upcoming Chototel project as a technological super machine. According to her, the company would make use of innovative technologies to build, operate and manage in such a way that will allow them to keep the tariff low and the efficiencies being provided to the customers high. She also talked about the company's plan for India and added that they're committed to make India the cornerstone of their market entry strategy.

Chototel's first project has already hit the ground and is currently under-construction in the Nagothane area, an industrial town located on the newly constructed Mumbai-Goa expressway. Spread spread across 1.5 acres and 75,000 square feet of constructed area, the 240-room hotel will be able to host upto 1,000 guests. According to the figures made available to IndianWeb2, the project will cost around GBP 1.75M (or INR 175 million), meaning a price of approximately GBP 7000 (or INR 700,000) for a 290 square feet room.

The first Chototel situated at the large bank of industrial workers, is looking to target people
within its 15-kilometre radius, and also travellers, tourists travelling on the National Highway 17 (Mumbai – Goa) expressway.

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