YouTube, the video sharing website that came into our lives in the year 2005, seems to be always on its toes for providing its users with the best of the best experiences possible. This time, the company is working towards taking treating its users to a much better quality of virtual reality experience.

In order to achieve this, Google, the parent company behind YouTube, is in the midst of developing a standalone YouTube mobile application for the company's recently announced Android-based virtual reality platform, Daydream. Clay Bavor, Head of VR, Google was responsible for making this news reach thousands and thousands of virtual reality enthusiasts during Google's recently concluded and much talked about I/O Developer conference.According to Google, the yet-to-be launched application has been developed with the sole aim of providing YouTube users with a much more easier and immersive way of finding and experiencing the virtual reality content on the website.

The much anticipated app is expected to hit the markets only after Google is done with the launch of Daydream, its virtual reality platform. Some experts believe that they both can also be launched together in fall this year. Though the date hasn't been set yet, YouTube did provide its users a first look of the app, which by looks does seems promising and much, much more immersive than the website's currently existing virtual reality features.

Avid YouTube users and virtual reality fans might already be aware about the website's limited virtual reality support videos, but the new YouTube virtual reality app is going to take the limited features factor to unlimited as the app will also offer its users with an immersive browsing and searching interface. Along with this, it will also include the already famous and in use features such as playlists and voice search etc.

The tech giant, Google, has been slowly working on its mission to incorporate virtual reality-focused functionality into the YouTube application for over an year now with support for 3D audio, 360-degree video flats, general Google Cardboard support and stereoscopic video.

In a recently published blogpost, the company has also divulged the fact that it has been working with content partners such as Tastemade, NBA and BuzzFeed etc. in order to explore new and innovative ways of telling a story in virtual environments that will help in providing valuable lessons about the whole way in which viewers and creators interact with a virtual reality video.

In addition to this, the video-sharing website also shared its plans of bringing its Jump Virtual Reality camera program to its YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles and New York City. According to the company, it also working hard towards bringing it soon to all of its functional global locations.

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