Internet of things implies that the most common and daily used items are able to do the talking amongst themselves. In short, machines will interact with each other and humans works will be eased in the process. The article gets interesting as you might have sensed from the same:

Some real life IoT examples

  1. You had a get-together at your home and as the party got over, you were tired to the core and immediately went to bed. However, unknowingly, one of the burning candles somehow caught hold of the nearby curtain without letting you even the slightest of notion and within seconds, it is up in flames. The rising smoke ensures that the alarm at once goes off, but due to your exhaustion, even the shrill sound falls on deaf ears. The smoke alarm messages to the motion detectors all over your house. The thing which they notice here is that inspite of smoke, there is no activity. As a result, they in turn send the message back to the smoke detector which in turn alarms the local fire brigade

  2. Traffic jams have become part and parcel of our lives. Their is no doubt, traffic jams have become biggest challenge for IoT technology to overcome. Especially, the scene becomes quite deplorable during morning and evening times. It equally tests your patience as you might have to wait for hours together till your chance finally comes to cross the green signal. As thanks to long and never ending cars, you have to wait for a long while, before it is your turn to cross the roundabout. However, how pleased you would be, if all the cars were to talk to each other and negotiate their way or if the traffic lights can develop interaction with them and help you move on through different routes.

  3. Some automotive companies like Tesla and Hundai are working on Internet of Things for insurance industry projects, this will help insurers to use predicting analysis technology (Big Data Science). This predictive analysis technology can be used in any form of product, market or technology for grabbing user usage patterns, forecast behaviour and structual defaults. This concept relies totally on traditional data mining technology.

  4. One such example is the Visijax Jacket that has been developed for enhancing the safety of cyclists. Inscribed with waterproof technology, Teflon coating, regal ventilation, the cyclists can escape from heat and sweating. How is this IoT related? you might ask. The extravagant features i.e, rechargeable battery and LED lights (White & Red) that can act as indicators predict the dynamism of the cyclist and gets automatically lit without asking for the slightest movement of the cyclist. This technology comes under fashion IoT industry, as it is a combination of clothing and IoT technology.

  5. Life has become full of tensions and worries where humans have literally became machines. In such a scenario, sound sleep has become a luxury which only few could afford. So if you have been in such a scenario, then better not worry. The internet of things has come as a pleasant surprise to you. As your bed has in-depth sleep cycle monitor. So what, even if you are disturbed from sleep thanks to the late night party of your neighbor, yet you will be quickly reminded through your bed that you need another 2 hours of requisite sleep. Side by side, your alarm empowers you with any of the appointments in the morning and if there aren’t any, then it lets you have a sound sleep as well. Isn’t it great?

  6. In such a fast paced life with so many tensions and worries, if you forgot to take your keys with you, then you will at once by reminded by the sound "Beep, Beep" which goes on for 30 seconds to help you remind about your mistake and help you to go inside, if the situation so demands.

Final thoughts

Finally, internet of things will help in easing and streamlining the lives of people who are too occupied with the complexities and challenges of each and every passing second.

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