Raspberry Pi has always been able to strike the right cord among people. The tiny computer and its various versions has been embraced by the public with open hands and has over the years established a reputation of its own. Adding more glory to its popularity, Raspberry Pi's more affordable and smaller version, Raspberry Pi zero, will now onwards come power packed with an onboard camera connector.

Raspberry Pi's founder credits the addition of the camera connector, to clever rearranging of the small computer board and some dumb luck. Apparently, the Raspberry team was successful in fitting the camera connector on the side of the tiny computer without any major obstacles and without making any changes to the computer's major attraction-- its $5 price tag.

The objective of the Raspberry Pi Foundation is to make the power of digital making accessible and understandable to more and more people all around the world, so that they're able to shape our increasingly digital world and solve the various problems related to it in a much more quick and progressive manner, and be stocked on skills that will be needed for jobs of the future.

With this particular camera connector addition, Raspberry Pi has once again made it clear that it is all about making it easier and cheaper to tinker with computers. The addition helps the computer in increasing its base-level functionality and thus making it much more well-equipped for the people trying their hand for the very first time, right from the beginning.

Further, the news that takes the cake, is that new camera connector is fully compatible with the upgraded Raspberry Pi camera module, which makes use of the 8-megapixel Sony IMX219 image sensor.

One  can buy Raspberry Pi Zero in Europe from - The Pi Hut and Pimoroni, and in India and US from Adafruit.

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