Easy Roads, a Mumbai based tech–travel startup, has raised $200,000 in an Angel round of funding from investors based in Europe and India. Funds raised will be utilized towards customer acquisition via unique content, building a scalable technology platform and working towards creating a strong community of road trippers.

Founded by Sachin Parikh, Easy Roads is now 4 months old. Sachin has over 11 years of corporate experience and spent close to 8 years in Europe before moving to India. He was the co-founder of a travel startup called White Collar Hippie which he ran for almost 3 years and exited just a few months ago.

From a recent survey conducted across different age groups, 87% people said they love taking road trips. However, they aren’t able to take road trips because of uncertainty attached to road travel, lack of accurate and credible information and whatever little information is available is scattered all over the web. This is precisely the problem that Easy Roads is solving.

The app includes a curated list of places to explore, points of interest along the way and suggestions to make the drive more enjoyable along with details of the destination. In addition, there’s a Car-O-Bar section which includes road side assistance, rentals for car accessories, pre-trip car check-up and rent-a-driver services to ensure that the trip is as safe as it is fun. There is even a blog section titled “Easy Reads” which has a selection of articles relevant to road trips and travel.

Currently the app has trips only from Mumbai and Pune, but will soon expand to other cities. However, the company is also in discussions with a few state governments to develop interesting sectors for their road trips.

The Indian Travel & Tourism Market is a $42 billion market and out of that the road trips sector is approximately $1 billion.  Indian travellers take approximately 22 road trip days per year and spend an average of $40 a day on a road trip. This includes accommodation, meals, activities and fuel. The PhoCusWright study revealed that spontaneous bookers account for one in every five road travellers, and that 21% of these individuals shop for hotels on their smartphones. 2.5 million cars, 16 million bikes, 3 million Miles of road network, 200 million smartphones and 1 solution joining all of them together - Easy Roads, 'making road trips happen'.

Their goal is - Every time someone thinks road trips, they should think Easy Roads.

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