Autodesk Inc., the name known to the world as the maker of architectural and engineering design software used to build Tesla cars, New York's Freedom Tower and providing the world with magnificent special effects in Hollywood blockbuster ‘Avatar’ and the firm behind the architectural and engineering design software used to build , is gearing up to launch an ‘Entrepreneur Impact Program’ focused towards Indian start-ups in the hardware domain.

Valued at over $13 billion, the California based company is currently on a hunt for companies in sectors such as clean technology, who are doing a commendable job in creating a social impact on the society. The Entrepreneur Impact Program will be helping the selected companies take their products to the people and also provide them with software worth $150,000 ( about Rs 1 crore) for a period of 3 years along with an extensive training period. Autodesk is different from others in the market as unlike other players in the market, they don't take equity from the startups and the intellectual property belongs totally to the start-ups.

According to Autodesk, it is already in final level discussions with Bengaluru-based startup FiasTech. The startup is most known for a product that when installed in fuel nozzles will automatically save all the tiny oil drops that usually fall on the ground during the refuelling process of vehicles at the gas stations. While, for the companies, it might not be a major loss, it is a huge wastage on a global level. According to FiasTech, India ends up wasting about 22 crore litres of fuel worth Rs.1,300 crore every year because of this reason.

The Bengaluru-based firm had initially developed a nozzle to prevent fuel drops falling on the ground, but decided to change their plans when they observed the reluctancy in oil companies to switch their existing dispenser with the nozzle as the dispenser came with a warranty. This is when, the nozzle was replaced with an external kit that can be easily be installed in any fuel nozzle that too without tampering with the dispenser's warranty.

This is exactly where Autodesk is hoping to jump in and come to the rescue of companies such as FiasTech which might not have resources to test their products in the market. Autodesk's software will allow these newbies to simulate their products on a computer.

Autodesk has already selected Kabadiwalla Connect and Arcatron Mobility for its entrepreneurship programme.

A Chennai-based startup, Kabadiwalla Connect will be utilising Autodesk's software to develop products such as storage units made out of recycled material. The startup is hopeful that Autodesk's technology will help them prototype and iterate their products in a quick and efficient manner.

On the other hand, Arcatron Mobility will be using Autodesk's software to improve on the design of its product by the means modelling and testing it in a virtual environment. Arcatron Mobility aims to improve the lives of elderly and mobility impaired people by developing products such as a smart care robot and shower wheelchair.

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