Along the lines of food and oxygen, we have a new entrant to the list of things people cannot live without. Internet or Wifi is the new thing people absolutely need at all times. These days we live half our lives on the internet and are heavily dependent on technology, right from WhatsApp to stay in touch to google maps to find our way.

Many companies have already started offering a free Wifi service at various public places. This trend is especially popular in Delhi and NCR.  Vodafone has hooked up Khan Market and Tata Docomo has bagged Khan Market and CP as well. This trend was probably started by coffee shops offering free wifi to its customers and has caught on since then.

Paytm has announced that it is going to make an entry into this arena and provide Wifi at public places via its platform. They have already started this service at the sector 18 Noida metro station, which is one of the most crowded station in Noida. The details of this deal are still not public and people are just speculating the asterisk that will come along with the new service. Details like the login procedure, the data speed, and the free limit are yet to be announced. One thing that we know is that they will be starting this service with metro stations and will later move on the popular hangout places.

This free wifi service has all the companies and now even politicians by their collars. The AAP has announced in the pre-poll agenda that they will be hooking up entire Delhi to wifi, once in power again. Paytm announced this on twitter with the CEO tweeting "Coming Soon. Paytm Wi-Fi to #PaytmKaro for everyone, even without an Internet connection."

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