Mobile-network monitoring firm TelcoQ has announced it will seek a new round of funding from leading crowdfunding platform as it further develops its UK-based technology business and expands in the market.

TelcoQ provides cutting-edge solutions that allow telecommunications companies to monitor how their 3G and 4G mobile services are performing by letting them determine the level of quality, and do so online. It also helps to boost telecoms firms' customer services as well as issuing alerts when issues arise on their networks.

This serves to make telecoms companies more efficient and give them a competitive edge over their rivals. Without TelcoQ's real-time user data and statistics that give clients fast and accurate information, mobile firms have to instead rely on less accurate mathematical data, as well as theoretical statistics and data that can put them at a distinct disadvantage.

Seedrs headquarters is located in London with additional offices in Lisbon and New York. It has emerged as a leading platform for businesses of all sizes to obtain different levels of capital investment. It gives retail investors access to interesting growth focused startups looking to fundraise from as little as £10, and since Seedrs launched in July 2012 over £100 million has been invested on the platform, funding more than 330 deals in the process.

Last year was Seedrs' best yet, with more than 38,000 investments in start-up companies made via its site. TelcoQ is now tapping into the power of crowdfunding to give the public an opportunity to be part of its campaign, and ongoing success. The network analytics firm is getting ready for its campaign by producing a video that will give individual investors a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at the company.

TelcoQ CEO Arturas Jonkus said he was pleased to have joined forces with Seeders to raise capital for his company’s expansion and was confident of a successful campaign that would raise the necessary funding and give people the chance of being part of the company.

"We are delighted to announce that we agreed with Seedrs to work on attracting seed investment to TelcoQ. If you want to get ahead of the game, please sign in now on the platform. We will let you know shortly when we start," he said.

TelcoQ Ltd based in MediaCityUK, Manchester holds trademarks of Rotten WiFi and WiFi Rank.

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