mishTag (Ask Anything Shopping) is a shopping Q&A app that makes it fun and easy to ask and answer questions around Fashion, lifestyle and home décor. mishTag bills itself as the ‘Quora for shopping’​, providing a simple to use app that enables shoppers to ask questions and seek product recommendation by just uploading a photo along with their question.

The startup has raised an angel round from the likes of M&Y Partners, SVG Media, Anthill Ventures, and other angels. It’s also being supported by 91springboard, along with several great entrepreneurs and thinkers from Internet Industry who believe in their shoot for the moon ideals.

“Back in the days, people would turn to their friends and family for an opinion when in doubt while shopping. Then came internet and social media, with people turning to friends on social media for advice and suggestions. We think there is a way to get high quality suggestions, opinions, answers and product recommendations without sifting through an ocean of results” says Pushpendra Thakur, co­founder, mishTag.

“When it comes to shopping each one of us has a lot of back pocket information and experiences, good enough to be shared with fellow shoppers, with those looking for help, advice, suggestions or recommendations. We are providing an outlet for such discussions to happen, and our users are loving it.” says Arpit Chhabra, co­founder and CTO of mishTag.

Apart from having an active user base of over 10,000 users, mishTag also have plenty of fashionistas, stylists, designers and specialists on the platform helping shoppers with their opinions, answers and product recommendations. Its algorithm finds a person who’s been there, done that and signed up on mishTag because they want to help.

“Going forward, the plan is to create an AI ­based chatbot which besides improving the performance of the application would automate the Q&A process. We are also currently working on rolling out a feature, where shoppers can directly chat with local merchants selling the stuff of their interest”, says Arpit.

“We have got over 8,000+ app downloads without much burn, and have an average time spent of 15 mins (across web and mobile). The platform has grown organically, multiple folds in last 3 months alone and drove over 1000+ transactions for various eCommerce brands through product recommendations” says Pushpendra.

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