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Are you also a fighter like me who fights to have a control? A fight with any of the family members. Over control of the TV remote so that you can watch whatever you want to?

A common story, eh?

Your father wants to watch a News channel, your brother a music channel, while your wife, or sister, she, holy cow, the boring daily soaps! And you, the Holy Spirit, you want to watch the religious things only, a football, for example.

So there seems to be a tug of war with no solution whatsoever!

But what if you could break your TV display into four different screens? And watch whatever channels you want to?
Am I sounding like a sci-fi writer? Well, I am not and whatever I have said in the above para is soon gonna be a reality. How? Great question! Because Google recently has filed a patent application for a tearable screen.

The patent discloses tearable display screens which we can tear-off into multiple portions. And each portion can display same content or different content. Have a look at the patent images below.

In the image-1, the same dog appears on the torn screen. Plus the content adjusted itself. In the image-2, different portions of the images are cut-off and used independently.


The patent mentions detecting a tear in a display using multiple ways. Its shape and size, for example, can be detected by a broken circuit along magnetic fasteners. Other than that, there will be a strain sensor installed in a tearable display which will sense separation of a part of a display.

Moreover, in the future, we are going to have foldable displays which we can roll like a paper. And this technology of Google is surely going to make the things interesting

Just think how awesome it would be to tear your smartphone screen into two parts. You can give the second screen to your friend who wants to watch a video on the YouTube while you want to… ummm, read an informational article on IndianWeb2. Not football every time!


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Nitin Balodi is Research Analyst at GreyB Services, a boutique IP research and analytics firm based out at Singapore that combines machine learning and human brains in patent and business analysis.


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