Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has big plans for his Messenger app. After making the app mandatory to download to read and send messages through Facebook on mobile phones, the social networking giant now again plans to revamp the app, this time into a "Everything App".

According to reports doing round in the tech world, Facebook is soon going to give a major makeover to the Messenger App and this change will transform the mobile application into something more than just a simple messaging app. One of the major changes that we could see in the app in the coming times is the mobile wallet feature. The new code found inside the app would soon make digital transactions or even paying for physical goods in retail stores through the app a reality. This is expected to take place in the app'a forthcoming update.

Whether Facebook plans to go all out in the arena with other similar wallet services like Android Pay or Apple Pay, or whether it will take support of these services is something which is currently unclear.

But, the latter part seems to have more chances of becoming a reality as Zuckerberg in January had given a statement stating that Facebook is considering partnering with everyone who does payments.

During a conference call with investors, he had stressed on home impressed he was with Apple Pay, he said "We look at the stuff that Apple is doing with Apple Pay, for example, as a really neat innovation in the space that takes a lot of friction out of transactions as well."

Facebook has no plans to rake in more money in its account through its this move, rather it wants to encash on the current boom in the e-commerce and take its advertising business to a whole new level.

Further, in addition to the payment wallet feature, the new code also contains commands for Facebook users to make full use of the highly potential “suggested businesses” feature. This means that the social networking giant will now study its users behaviour and "likes" online and use this information to assist them towards relevant businesses on the Messenger App.

Since March last year, Facebook has already lured in around two dozen businesses to set up their official accounts on Messenger. Everlane, the clothing retailer was one of the first ones to set up its account and the app and it currently has two customers service agents communicating with over 200 U.S. customers on a daily basis about their various inquiries regarding about their shipments.

More businesses are expected to make their way to Messenger after the company's forthcoming F8 conference in April.

While Facebook seems to have the right skeleton ready, now all it really boils down to is the right execution. Keep checking this space for more update on this after the F8 conference.

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