Still trying to figure out the location of the eatery that your old school classmate/office colleague checked-in months ago? There's no trace of the cute, little Pizzeria on Google maps or on google, further, you and that person are no longer on talking terms. Ughh! The irritation. Enter Zofind.

A Delhi based startup, Zofind promises you to find the smallest of the smallest businesses in an area so that you don't have to go looking for them or waste your time asking around for directions.

The startup stemmed from the need that while big services like Google, Apple or Windows Maps or Facebook do make sure that you know the most famous and happening spots in the town, they often miss out on the local gems. The startup aims to connect those local gems, places to the customers that would love to go their if they would have known that they existed.

The website lists every neighbourhood business – be it a small coffee shop, a big movie theatre, a small local restaurant or even a one-time exhibit – at one place for a user to refer to. This information is made available to them in the form of a map so as to make it easier for them to know the distance from their current location to their destination. The website makes sure that the user does not miss out on a single fun activity happening in and around their city.

mohitThe man behind the idea is Mr. Mohit Bardia, a dreamer and sole founder of Zofind. He calls himself a dreamer because his mind is always full of new ideas and innovative projects. Someday, he hopes to make all those ideas live just like Zofind.

According to Bardia, with Zofind, he aims to take an already existing idea and make it reach towards an audience that the aforementioned idea had until now overlooked.

He is further hopeful of reaching out to each and every person in each and every corner of India and deliver them Zofind's services. The Delhi-based startup is currently bootstrapped

So, the next time you want to explore your city with your friends and find out what's new, the first thing you need to find is Zofind on your phone.

Go Zofind and enjoy!

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