A good, hard-working employee is one of the most important asset to the company and, nowadays with every company/business going for the kill, all they ask for is the best of the best. Same is the case with employees, with a plethora of job opportunities available, all that an individual is looking for nowadays, is a job in accordance to his passion and skills and of course the one that pays well. So, acting as a bridge to both these sides of the employment world is a New Delhi based startup MyHiringBox.

If you're segmenting as just another staffing agency on the block, then you're most likely to get disappointed. The recruitment centric startup is an online cloud based Recruitment Marketplace that enables hiring smart talent.

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Founded in 2015 by Jatinder Chimni, an individual with more than 13 years of diverse experience in recruitment background handling domestic and international markets, has stemmed from his own real life experience of working in the employment sector and all the problems faced by him all along. During his team on the field, he realised that the amount of time being spent both before and after the interview process was significantly more than that of the interview stage. Another biggest challenge in the process was to handle SPAM. All this was hampering business growth and productivity in a big way. This is when he decided to do something about the situation at hand and the idea of MyHiringBox hit him.

The startup acts as a global cloud based recruitment marketplace where in employers can easily post their job openings and the global community of individual recruiters, job seekers and recruitment agencies can submit their profiles. These profiles submitted are then duly scrutinised by the startup's profile matching algorithm and pre-screening team to make the process of hiring easier, scalable and faster. Using the platform, Job seekers can also land fat joining bonuses by applying to various open positions listed on the site.

Started with an aim of streamlining the ages-old methods employed in traditional recruiting processes, the startup already has 30 successful clients and 200 Recruitment Agencies and Recruiters on Board.

Currently looking for seed funding, aspires to become one single stop box for all recruitment related requirements all around the world. In order to achieve the same, the startup plans to add features like Vendor management, Automated creation of Job Description, Video JD, Video interviewing, Assessment tests (both tech & non tech) etc. to their model.

So, if you're a job seeker or an employer, is a must try from our side.

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