Restaurant eating has become more like restaurant hoping nowadays with a long line of waiting customers greeting you once you make an impromptu plan to take yourself or your loved ones out for a treat. Solving this everyday problem that most metropolitan residents face, is a New Delhi based startup called Clicktable Technologies.

Launched in November last year, Clicktable is a cloud based app whose aim is to streamline the currently disorganised reservation and waitlist management department for restaurants. The app plans to achieve this by facilitating real-time table reservations for diners.

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According to the founder, Varun Gupta, while the hotel industry has progressed at the same pace as every other industry with the growing technological advancement and economy taking place in the 21st century, the one department that still requires some work is the desk management department handling the restaurant reservations. The department's three key elements – reservations, waitlists and guestbook are still being managed either manually or by old, irrelevant systems in today's time. This often results in a customer losing interest in the restaurant even if they love and appreciate its food and ambience.

Clicktable aspires to amend such situations by bridging the communication gap between restaurants and customers and paving the way for a smoother dining experience.

The product has been created into two applications; the Empower App for the restaurants and the Reserve App for the consumers. With the Empower app is targeted helps the casual and fine dining restaurants manage various front desk tasks like reservations, waitlists, table management, and events & offers, the Reserve application is a restaurant discovery cum table booking app for customers. The App works smoothly on both mobile and desktop across different OS.

The currently self-funded app plans to spread its web across the entire country. In order to achieve the same, it has set up its team in Bengaluru and Mumbai and will begin with their B2B offerings in these markets very soon.

The Reserve app is expected to launch in the second quarter of this year, starting with Delhi-NCR.

So, if you has always wanted to book a table at just a click instead of standing in those long queues, Clicktable is the way to go!

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