Influenced by the central government's efforts to promote the startup culture in India, the state governments have also stepped up for the startups in our country. Many states have taken initiatives and measures to pave the way for startups in their specific states and give them a boost. A few of these states include -

West Bengal :

West Bengal launched its policies relating to startups in January itself. It aims to nurture and help startups in various ways. They even launched a website by the name of in an effort to get all the stakeholders in that community on a single platform. With this initiative, communication between startups, investors, service providers etc is expected to become easier and smoother. These policies will be in effect until December 2021.

Uttar Pradesh :

The government in this state is working to get more IT investment into the state and promoting upcoming startups in this particular field itself. They plan to do this by setting up IT parks and cities and provide world class facilities across the state. These policies came into effect fairly recently and will remain effective for a minimum of 5 years.

Odisha :

The government in Odisha is more serious when it comes to startups that most. They have a vision of making Odisha one of the top three investment destinations in India. To achieve their goal they have come up with a 10-year plan, which will work till 2025. They announced their plan along with "Make In India" in February itself.  This plan is expected to attract a lot of investment in the state and also create a lot of jobs for the people as well.

Rajasthan :

Rajasthan was way ahead when it came to startups, they launched their plans in October last year itself. The government plans to help set up around 500 startups within the next five years. For this purpose, they have allocated funding and also plan to set up around 50 incubators across the state. With their efforts, they plan to bring in a funding of around 500crores in the next 5 years.

Karnataka :

Karnataka has a setup a 5-year plan with very specific goals and targets which they hope to achieve by the end of the plan. They want to have at least 25 technology related startups that aim to solve the social problems faced by the state. Along with this, they want around 2000 startups focused just on technology and 600 startups based on products. With their policies, they are aiming to create around 18lakh jobs in the state itself.

Gujarat :

When all the states are gearing up the support the startups in their own states, how can Gujarat fall behind in this race? They have a threefold strategy which involves the innovators, the Institutions, and the government committee. These three form a chain, wherein the innovators come up with the idea which will be facilitated by the institutions and then approved and financed by the government committee.

Jharkhand :

Jharkhand is the most recent entrant in Indian states with startup policy. THe state government has facilitated $1.5 Mn (INR 10 Cr) for Innovation and Incubation Centres in different part of states. An innovation lab would also be set up with the help of IIM Ahmedabad.

With this startup policy initiative, the state government aims to encourage the startups in the sectors like Information Technology, Health, Tourism, Agriculture, Biotechnology, and alternative energy.

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