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This 17-Year-Old Solely Created A 'Zomato' For Schools, Tutors and Coaching Institutes

Every year the top education magazines and papers come out with a list of the best colleges in India. These lists are not just restricted to engineering colleges but span all the fields of graduation. This is a great help to students and parents in deciding which college stands where and which one is the best fit for them. Sadly, there is nothing of this sort for schools. Schools are in an integral part of our education system and conceivably the most important one. Even if there are some that come up with a list, they aren't very reliable. A 12th grader from Mumbai faced the same situation and came up with a solution to this problem; a solution called ClassFever.


The founder is a Mumbai-based 12th grader, Akshay Agrawal (in picture above). He is a 17-year-old entrepreneur who was fed up with this chaotic system and decided to improve it. He had to switch schools from Avalon heights Intl. School (Navi Mumbai) to St. Gregorios High School (Chembur) since Avalon was only till 10th. This is what motivated him to work towards building ClassFever. He has been a TED speaker twice at such a young age. He has also been part of MUNs and is an avid debater as well.


ClassFever is a School ranking website, that ranks the various schools in a city based on a lot of variables. Akshay claims that ClassFever is the world's only review-driven Big Data School ranking website. It is aimed at helping parents and children decide which school is best suited for them. The website provides information and data about the school which makes the decision-making process much easier. It also provides actionable data about schools by scientifically correlating factors to determine which school is better than the rest.

Also, ClassFever is a reliable source of information and is unbiased. It can be used to weigh the pros and cons of different schools. The ClassFever Big Data Engine crunches One Hundred Ninety Eight Million data (198,000,000) data sets from 32 variables per school based on 6 factors to rank each school.The data set has grown 190x times in 2 months. It stood at 1 million data sets on 31st October 2015.Each school is first ranked based on the 6 factors individually and then these factors are combined using a proprietary relational-algorithm to rank the school overall.ClassFever ranks more than 3000 schools across Maharashtra and few other states.

ClassFever has also diversified into the job market. It also has a jobs portal dedicated specifically for teachers and principals and others related to the education sector to find jobs.


This young entrepreneur's startup is in a bootstrapped stage and is currently self-sufficient.


As of now there is no reliable source of information for which school is good and on what basis. All of this just works on hearsay and word of mouth. If someone in our friend circle praises a school it is assumed to be good. A good school is very important for a child as it builds character and plays a huge role in determining what a child's outlook is towards life.

Their main target is parents and students and at the next level, they have faculty and other people involved in this particular sector. Every parent wants their child to attend 'the best school in the city'. But there is no reliable, widely available, a single source which can answer this question — "Which school is the best in the city?" This is the problem they aim and hope to tackle. Their end users will end up being Schools, Students, parents, everyone and anyone in the education space.


ClassFever has helped many parents and their kids in choosing the right school and making an informed decision. With ClassFever's big data engine, they now plan to expand their scope and their reach as well. They can soon statistically and analytically determine better cities to study in based on the rating distributions of schools and localizations of top ranking schools. They are still experimenting with the engine and hope to use it to good use.

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