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Technology-Led Home-Design Startup Interazzo Offers Branded Budget Interiors


Isn't living in a designer home everyone's dream? Who wouldn't like to walk into a well-lit, beautiful decorated house after a long and tiring day at office? Who wouldn't? Well, making this dream of thousands and thousands of commoners out there come true is Interazzo.

A Bangalore based startup, Interazzo prides on being India's first standardised, branded, in-budget and technology led home design company. While interior designer options are many, the main trouble where the common man takes the hit is the price point. After having invested a lot of money in buying the dream house, they often don't have that much left to give to an interior designer to make the house their dream home. This is where Interazzo comes in and saves you of all the troubles.

Built with a motto of making good quality interior designing an easy and affordable concept, the startup is doing around 10-12 projects every month and growing at a rate of 20% in revenue every month.

[caption id="attachment_103871" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Himanshu Arora, Founder of Interrazo Himanshu Arora, Founder of Interrazo[/caption]

The idea for Interazzo came to founder Himanshu Arora's mind when the interiors of his own house were messed up because of the unprofessional and unskillful work of some of the people in the interior designing sector. This is when he decided to take matters in his own hands and came up with Interazzo. An engineering graduate, Arora is an ex Huawei and Infinera employee.

The startup's services involve designing the customer's entire space within their standardized, branded and budget solution. They also provide free doorstep visit and design and installation, which makes it an extremely convenient and hassle-free way to semi-furnish one's home. Further, they promise to provide full transparency in the material being used, 45 days delivery time, and a lifetime warranty on the hardware being used.

Interazzo has a potential of becoming a single point of contact for customers looking for end-to-end home interior designing service, right from designing to manufacturing to installation.

Founded in August last year, the startup has a target of achieving a revenue of 10 million INR per month from mid this year. In addition to this, expansion to Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad city are also in the pipeline.

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