This new year 2016 has been kind on the startup industry with a lot of startups receiving the funding they require. Indian startups have seen a lot of funding from a variety of investors in these two months of 2016 itself. Here are a few mention of startup funding stories of past week.

  • Shouut: This is a Delhi based startup operating in the field of social discovery. Basically, they are an app where the user can provide a 250 recommendation for places, events, restaurants etc. They have raised around 3.3 crores from an individual investor itself. They plan to use this funding majorly for customer acquisition.

  • FT Cash: This is a Mumbai based startup. It is a mobile payment platform just for micro merchants. Their aim is to aggregate all forms of payment channels like net banking, credit card, wallets, debit cards etc under one umbrella so as to make this process more efficient. It was launched in 2014 with the aim of enabling cashless payments. They have recently received a funding of 1crore (Pre Series A) from IvyCamp platform.

  • Aahaa: It is an online marketplace exclusively for office supplies. They were launched in 2013 with the aim of being the go-to platform for any office needs be it stationary, trophies, corporate gifts or a requirement for the cafeteria. They have raised a funding of about $1million (Pre Series A) from YourNest Angel Fund. This funding will be used to expand and improve infrastructure.

  • Arcatron Mobility: It is a Pune-based startup that makes devices used to improve mobility and make lives easier for those who need it the most like the elderly or differently abled. This wheelchair can be controlled using a mobile app. They won the top prize at this competition "SURGE 2016". They recently received an undisclosed amount of seed funding recently.

  • Zappka: It is a Gurgaon based startup which was founded in 2014. It is a social network of apps, kind of like Zomato but for apps. People can review, rate, discuss and share details about an app. They want to improve the users' "Applife" as they call it. They have recently received an angel funding of $100,000 from investors. They want to focus on improving the UX of the app with this funding.

  • Imariticus Learning: It is a Mumbai based startup which provides courses and certifications in the field of financial and analytical services. It has classroom services and online learning as well. They want to bridge the gap between academics and industry by preparing the graduates for the industry work and giving them the proper exposure. They have received a funding of $1million which they plan to use to enhance their e-learning facilities.

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