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Indian StartupsISDI Creative AcceleratorMicrosoft Ventures

Meet The 6 Startups Graduated From ISDI Creative Accelerator Powered By Microsoft


In June last year, Microsoft Ventures and ISDI (Indian School of Design and Innovation) entered into a three-year long contract and set up the "ISDI Creative Accelerator". It is an initiative aimed at helping startups improve their design and launch themselves. Startups from all over the country apply for the program and both the organizations help in the selection process. It is a 6-month long process where these startups are groomed. There is no equity involved here, just a basic fee. They recently had 6 startups graduating from their first ever batch.

  1. ClassReserve, Mumbai - It is a platform that provides you access to multiple health-related platforms without a single membership. You no longer have to choose one particular activity, with their service you can book whatever class you want at your convenience.

  2. Random in Tandem, Mumbai - This is a startup that belongs to the home decor sector. This startup focuses more on essential things that will help you create order from chaos at home. It claims to span everything from London to Mumbai and are for the global citizens of the world. They motto is "getting organized through design".

  3. LinkWok, Mumbai - This is a web-based app that helps users in their research using the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. It helps the users in deriving an outcome from their research. It is like a pin board that will not only help the user get organized while researching but make it easier and effective.

  4. Ornativa, Kolkata - It is an online marketplace for selling jewelry and accessories, but unlike every other e-commerce website they stock only one brand. Ornativa apart from being an online market place is also a brand created by the founders itself. They are targeting the young generation who cannot afford real jewelry.

  5. Avanzar Health, Mumbai - This is one startup from the health care industry. It connects patients and healthcare service providers through an all in one single platform. This is aimed at making the lives of patients and the care providers easy and simple.

  6. mGuru, Mumbai - This is a startup from the ed-tech sector. It helps students in school with their classwork and helps them study. It gives students assignments and material to study based on their individual level rather than the common ones given in school. It is a customized way of studying for kids. Apart from that, it also tracks their progress and gives reports.

This first run of the program seems to have done very well and graduating startups have also benefited from this program. Seeing the success this program is, they have had an outpouring of responses from startups from all over the country wanting to enroll in their program. Their criteria for selecting startups is basically dependent on the innovation and creativity of the startups.

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