Looking at the startup culture boom and grow at such a tremendous rate, the government of Karnataka has decided to boos it further in the state. The Karnataka government has always been the first ones to support the advancement of science and technology and this is yet another step in that very directions with startups as the instruments. With Bengaluru touted as Silicon Valley of India, the state of Karnataka has about 4000 existing startups already and they want to pump up the number by another 2000 within one year.

The nanotechnology is an industry which is on the rise with a rate of 17.5% and around a $100 billion evaluation. The government is planning to build new centers to promote this culture. The Nano and soft materials centers are going to be setup in Bangalore near Tumkuru road. All of this is being done in lieu of promoting research in the field of Nanotechnology which will later be implied on a wide spectrum of industries like healthcare, energy, water pollution control and much more.

The government is also organizing an event called "Nano Sparks" which is estimated to be a huge success. It is a three-day event with over 600 delegates from across the world coming to attend the event which will have around 47 experts in this field. It is an event where researchers can present their ideas and can get help converting them into startups focusing especially on three topics, i.e. healthcare, clean water, and energy. If their ideas are good, they will be referred to the Department of Science and technology. All students from undergrads to PhDs are allowed to take part in the event and present their idea. Apart from this, there will also be an exhibition with around 53 exhibitors from all over the world. Bangalore is already the leading point in nanotechnology in the country and the government of Karnataka wants to use it as a launch pad in hopes of achieving something great.

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