The Internet of Things is the new technology that has caught everyone's attention. It is like when the dot com was introduced. Despite all the hype, it is still not that known in India, and it just in a very nascent stage. Recently an IoT conference was conducted by the IoT panel of the IET (The institution of engineering and technology). Rishi Bhatnagar, the chairperson of the IoT panel and also the co-author of "Enterprise IoT" , spoke about the scope and future of such new technologies.

The main aim of this particular panel is to educate each and everyone about such latest technologies and bring them up to speed so that they do not lag behind. Talking about the awareness regarding IoT, he said that until last year very few people even knew what it was and therefore did not see its potential. But in the last few months as people have become aware they are beginning to realize its value and how IoT can be beneficial to them. Health care and manufacturing industries are the two sectors that can immensely benefit from the services IoT can provide them with. These are the two sectors that might begin the revolution of the IoT in India, which sooner or later will catch on.

The IET is going all out to generate buzz about IoT. They are planning a conference and have also associated with SRM university to start a course with a focus in IoT. The IoT panel is planning to have a global level conference this September to create awareness about this technology and to get people involved. It is planned to be a very informative and interactive session with a lot of activities like discussions, exhibitions, ideas, projects etc. It is going to be a pretty big event. According to Mr.Rishi, the IoT is a big thing that will wonders for all the sector and in the near future companies might even have to appoint a chief IoT officer to take care of things.

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