Google  announced a Google Maps update that would let you view more cab/ ride services and compare their fares, all inside a new dedicated ride services/ ride sharing tab. While the app until date had only Uber integration for users, it will now be showing cabs from other rival companies as well.

Google says that the updated Maps app would start showing users a fourth tab - ride sharing, besides the existing tabs - driving a car, taking public transportation, and walking/bicycling options when travelling from one place to another. The new ride-sharing tab would let you easily compare the fares taken by different cab services between places without having to open multiple apps.

With popularity of Uber and Ola apps soaring , Google has now decided to integrate them in their popular Google Maps mobile app.

Google Maps app now acts like cab aggregator app!

So, next time you’re leaving work to meet a friend for dinner, or heading to a client meeting in a new city, you’ll be able to compare all your commuting options right from within the Google Maps app.

The Google Maps app not only shows the cabs that are in close vicinity to you, but you will also be able to see fare estimates and Estimated Time of their arrival.

Once user has selected a particular service, they will directly be taken to Uber or Ola app, depending on what they have chosen, and with single tap they can request the ride.However, for this to work, the user needs to have the respective cab apps installed on the phone.

For Uber users, Google Maps will give choice of uberGO and uberX services, while Ola customers can choose from Ola Mini, Ola Micro and Ola Sedan options.

This Google Maps update will be rolling out on Android in next few days and will soon reach iOS as well, and the new tab will show when searching for directions from one point to another.

Please let us know what's your opinion about google's this move.

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