The launch of Rs 251 smartphone - Freedom251, last week was one news that made a lot of headlines in the last 10 days and was one of the hottest topics for discussion all over. On 18th February, Noida based Ringing Bells launched their phone Freedom251, as the cheapest smart phone in the world. They are offering a smart phone at a meager price of INR 251, which is probably more than some of us pay for the internet we use on our phones. Before Freedom251, one the cheapest smart phones as of October 2015 was by a company called Data Wind and was priced at INR 999.

People all across the world were left shocked at a Smartphone being priced at roughly $4, which led to a lot of speculations and controversy as well. And in the 10 days since the launch, there have been a lot of negative and positive publicity about the phone that was launched by the defense minister of our country. The founders of the company made a statement saying that they were really impressed and motivated by our Prime Minister Modi's "Make in India" campaign. After this statement was made, many people mistook for it to mean that it was in association with the "Make In India" plan. Recently Amitabh Kant of the DIPP, made a public statement saying that the phone Freedom251 was in no was associated with the "Make In India" initiative of the Modi government in an attempt to put all such rumors to bed.

Apart from this the department of telecommunications is keeping track of this new phone that was launched. They believe that it is not possible to sell a phone like Freedom251 at such a low price given its specifications. According to the department the lowest price the phone can be sold at is around 2300-2400, but despite this the company still stands strong and is promising its buyers delivery at the quoted price.

The launch of this phone really created a sensation in the market. In such a short span of time, they have received over 7.35 crores orders already, which they plan to deliver in 2016 itself. Despite the air of controversy surrounding the phone, it has still managed to get off to a good start and we hope it doesn't disappoint us.

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