Have you seen some change in your uber cool smartphone in the recent past? If you would have looked closely, you must have noticed a huge change in your Uber App widget. It seems, the cab hailing app has taken the saying, "New year, New you" quite seriously.

One of the major things that Uber has changed, is its logo. What was earlier a simple "U", has now been replaced an outer square, followed by a circle and then finally ending with a tiny square in the center. The company describes this tiny square in the centre as the "bit," something that will from now on appear throughout the company's site and redesigned app.

Apparently, the main reason that the company decided to go for a changed look is the fact the company wants to keep it gates open for expansion into various sectors other than the cab/taxi sector in the near future. The company believes that the bit in the center of the logo will make it a much easier task to add additional products to its portfolio over a period of time. Whenever one will see that bit at the center, they will almost immediately identify it as an Uber product. Since Uber has been expanding into sectors such as food delivery lately, so this move makes sense.


According to a press release by Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick, Uber is fundamentally a different company now as compared to what it was four year ago. What began just as a black car service for 100 friends in San Francisco—everyone’s private driver, is now a transportation network spreading over 400 cities in 68 countries available at the push of a button.

Kalanick further adds, one of the most unique aspect of Uber is the fact that it exists in the physical world. Whenever someone push a button on their phone, a car moves across the city and appears wherever they are. The company exists in the place where bits and atoms come together. This is the inspiration behind the new logo. According to them, they are not just any other technology but a technology that moves cities and their citizens.

Uber sees the new branding and technology as a celebratory of their technology as well as the various cities they serve. And, if you think, the change happened overnight, think again!

"The team has spent months researching architecture, textiles, scenery, art, fashion, people and more to come up with authentic identities for the countries where Uber operates," said Kalanick.

Among other things, there's also a new typeface, which covers the "Uber" wordmark. The company has done away with the stylized curl on the "U" and now it's just a very basic sans serif font. According to Kalanick, this will help people to see Uber from afar.

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