Technology giant Google hasn't revealed much about its Project Wing drone delivery service since its announcement in November last year. But, a recently granted patent provides us a much closer understanding about the working of the service due to be launched in the year 2017.

The patent reveals how the service might drop off packages at ones doorstep in just under 30 minutes. According to the granted patent, the service has a ‘delivery receptacle’ with enough room for holding packages and has wheels in order to move around. Further, it works by receiving notifications of an incoming delivery drone and emits infrared beacons so as to guide the drone towards itself.

Once the drone has reached close enough and is in position, it deposits the package in the receptacle, which then moves along to wait for you in a secure location.

Notably, Google is looking for partners who can help it bring this technology to the world. If you're interested, please fill out this form here

This could prove to be a breather for all those people out there who were worried whether someone would steal their packages if they weren't home at the time to receive them. We will still have to wait and watch and see if the system will appear in Project Wing at the launch.

On the other hand, Amazon is also racing along with Google in order to beat it at this drone race. Keeping pace with Google, Amazon also showed a drone delivery prototype in November last year which is said to be capable of carrying up to five pounds and flying at altitudes under 400 feet over 10 miles or more.

Amazon is working on different kinds of drones for different environments like rural farmlands, suburban neighborhoods and high-rise apartment complexes, revealed Mr. Paul Misener, Amazon’s vice president for global public policy.

So, for whom are you rooting for in this drone race? Amazon or Google?

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