When shifting to a new city one of the major challenges is finding a decent house to stay in. And there are a lot of strings attached to this, the house needs to have all the amenities you require and the location needs to be good, and all of this at an affordable price. Finding a place to live is a pretty taxing job. It takes a toll on a person physically, mentally and financially. Similar was the situations faced by the founders colleagues. Shocked and saddened at the poor condition, they decided to do something about the situation that would take the stress out of the whole process and Mumbai-based startup GetSetHome was born.


Founded in 2014, GetSetHome is a platform that provide accommodation for long term on a rental basis. But this is not where their services will leave you. Apart from a house they provide other facilities as well. Their services include quality furniture, home d├ęcor, modern amenities, facility management and maintenance & monthly recurring bills like DTH, Wifi, Electricity, House-keeping, Gas, etc. They don't just provide you with the home they help in the management as well. They turn unfurnished houses into fully furnished managed homes and offer it to Bachelors who migrate to metro cities for Education or Work. And this provide all of this stress-free, broker-free and affordable for bachelors.



The Mumbai-based startup was a combined effort of Shabnam Kadwani, Junaid Shaikh and Muddassar Virani
1) Shabnam Kadwani – He was a part of the core team at BookMyShow responsible for the launch and growth of the brand. He worked there for 8.5 years and headed various verticals during that stay. Overall he has an experience of over 11 years with expertise in Advertising, Marketing, Brand Launch, Mobile, CRM and Sales. He also has an MBA in Marketing from NMIMS, Mumbai.

2) Junaid Shaikh – He is also from BookMyShow where he headed Business Strategy. He has ad over 12 years of experience and well-rounded knowledge in Business Strategy, Expansion, Operation, Product Innovation, Technology & Execution.

3) Muddassar Virani – A green belt certified six-sigma professional with 14 years of Experience in Operation & Sales. He is experienced in handling & leading teams of more than 300 people. He has worked in renowned MNCs like IBM & eclerx. He also has an MBA in Operations from Symbiosis Institute.

What's so different?

They are different from their competitors in the sense that they do not just give you an empty house to live in they make it a home for you. They know how laborious the process of moving to a new place so, their package makes it easier for you. They provide an all inclusive package to their customers. Things like on-demand maintenance, housekeeping and monthly bills such as gas, dth, wifi & electricity are all included in the offerings.

Also they make sure that the houses are furnished before renting them out (if they already weren't). This, therefore guarantees a particular standard across all their properties. They have flexible stay plans which start from a minimum stay of a month.
They also have options of triple, double and single occupancy rooms depending upon the budget and requirements of the customer.


They have a self invested seed fund and are currently looking for funding.


Their target market comprises of two main people, the bachelors who are looking for accommodation and the home owners who want to rent out their properties.

The Bachelor Journey:
Moving to a new city is a big change in itself without the task of finding a house and the basic amenities that come with it. This is especially painful for bachelors as many people do not want to rent out their place to them or if they do there are heavy restrictions imposed on them and they are at the mercy of the broker and then the landlord. So these are the set of people that the startup is aiming to help.

The Owner Journey:
The journey for Property Owners is equally painful. They also have to deal with a lot of work for renting out their space. This startup aims at helping them too. They sign long-term contracts & offer higher than market price rents. Therefore, the owner can now maximize on rents (which is guaranteed for the duration of the agreement) and reduce the stress of being involved in tedious documentation, monthly follow-ups and maintenance. They also take care of all paperwork, registration, police verification as well as maintenance & services.


They currently have over 35 properties spanning 3 cities with over 90%+ occupancy. They have had 450+ happy customers who have stayed with us.

Next on their agenda is to make GetSetHome the largest platform for managed & shared rental solutions that provides access to quality accommodations for long term stays. A platform that cuts down and eventually eliminates the unorganized channel prevalent & growing rampantly today but which misses to fulfill the need & expectation of the stakeholders. Their plan is to offer accommodation to more than half a million bachelors over the next 3 years.

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