The world is a competitive place, there is a competition a race at every stage in life and us as individuals do whatever we can to get ahead.  Student life is one time where one has to face a lot of competition from your peers and in an attempt to be better, many resort to tuitions and outside coaching apart from regular school. Almost every child in middle school and above has outside help apart from the school. And this becomes serious when the 10th standard exams come into the picture and two years later when competitive exams also take place on a national level. This is where every student is expected to gear up and work as hard as they can and prove themselves. At this stage, children take up extra classes and coaching institutes.  Spandea works in the same sector and is here with a plan of its own, which is apparently more effective than the conventional classroom teaching.


The idea behind Spanedea is simple, they want to transform the classrooms teaching and make it more effective by making an online platform that endeavours to deliver the best tutoring service available to students by connecting them with tutors and vice versa. They feel that though the conventional methods are effective but they can be better and  be more helpful to the children. They believe that one on one teaching is much better than a class with more kids than chairs and the teachers can't pay attention to everyone there. This is very frustrating thing for both students and teachers. Spandea is here to alleviate this and make teaching a better experience. They use technology to help them achieve this goal.

Spanedea enables a personalized tutoring experience to students - they can choose their tutors, chose which subjects they want help for, they can learn at their own pace, and in coordination with the tutor they can learn at convenient time slots. From school, college entrance to higher studies, they have tutors on subjects catering to a wide range of disciplines.

For tutors it offers a platform to build their own online business, comprising - flexibility and also time, a means to showcase expertise and feedback, a platform for reputation and of earning income through expertise.


[caption id="attachment_103541" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Team Spanedea with Sanjay at right-most Team Spanedea with Sanjay, Founder & CEO at right-most[/caption]

The company was founded by Mr. Sanjay Bhadra, Mr. Rajat Sharma and Mr. Nitin Bansal

Sanjay is currently the CEO of the venture. He has about 17 years of experience spanning a matrix of companies and leadership roles. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he worked for companies like Sun Microsystems (Oracle) and Infosys Technologies. He graduated in BE from Andhra University College of Engineering (1995) and completed PGDM from IIM Bangalore (1998). Spanedea currently has a team of five people. They are working out of Mumbai


Their target market is divided into two sections, students and tutors.  They want to capture the market of home tutoring and coaching and help out not just the students but the teachers as well.


The major difference that sets them apart is that they offer live online classes rather than just recorded videos, where the kids cannot interact. This way the classroom is more interactive in nature where students can get their doubts cleared  and have a discussion with the teachers.

Another advantage of this system is that distance does not become a constraint here. The teacher does not need to travel miles to go teach students and or vice-versa. This eliminates the travel time that is not put to good use. This gives the tutor the freedom to take more classes without having to waste time on travel and the students do not have to waste precious hours travelling across the city.

Also, their system is designed to provide the student with great convenience - in choosing the tutor with confidence, in providing feedback on the tutor, in finding a new tutor quickly, paying the fees in convenient instalments. So some students take only a few hours of doubt clearing sessions, some take a specific part. This gives students the flexibility of learning what they require without having to take a whole package or course.

Also, they cover a much wider spectrum of exams and subjects - JEE, CAT, GRE, SAT, et al.


Spandea is currently bootstrapped.


Spandea has been doing a great job and they have their statistics to show for it. Spanedea has had approximately 650 paying students, who have taken approximately 16,000 hours of live online tutoring. They have over 450 tutors on board with them as well.

Their first and foremost plan of action is to make sure that the students and teachers can use their system efficicently and with ease. Also to make sure that their interaction with the platform is an ongoing project, for this they  will continue innovating and improving on this through improving our systems.

Secondly, they would like to broaden their tutor community to get more tutors from different segments and also, of course, add more tutors for already popular segments like JEE

Thirdly, they are focussed on growth.  So they are trying to build awareness among their target market. To achieve this, they rely on alliances. Of course, references is a great way to achieve growth as this extends the trust network - so this top priority as well.

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