BHIVE, which started out as a provider of accessible and quality plug-n-play workspace in Bangalore's Koramangla region, has attracted angel investments, from the likes of Raghunandan G (Founder, TaxiForSure), Rajesh Rai (Venture Capitalist & Co-Founder, Venturesity), Arihant Patni (Managing Director, Hive Technologies), Sanjay Mirchandani (Owner, Mirchandani Group), Arun Narayan (Director, UK India Business Council) and others making it the largest in India’s startup capital Bangalore.

BHIVE Workspace houses startups, small businesses and companies. RoadRunnr, which is now a commended startup, started out of a 6 seater cabin in BHIVE Koramangala. Arpit Dave, Co-founder RoadRunnr says, “BHIVE helped us focus and accelerate in our early stage by providing us with the right scaffolds; requirements met, space, processes etc. We enjoyed our time as BHIVE members and moved out as we grew very large.”

"TaxiForSure overgrew its 1200 sq ft office space in no time. The growing needs of the company took its employees to four different offices in the same year. Many efforts, that rather be invested on work, were channeled into becoming a fully functional office space. When I heard that my classmate Shesh was contemplating around the same issue, taking away this burden from a dedicated mind, I knew the model would work.", says investor Mr. Raghunandan G, Co-Founder & CEO, TaxiForSure.

Today, one year from conception, BHIVE houses success stories of about 90 startups covering 4000 active members. BHIVE Workspace is opening its fourth location (HSR Sector 4) shortly.

Placed in prime locations in Bangalore, BHIVE houses enthusiasts across various work profiles like - Tech, Software, Mobile, Hardware, IOT, Fintech, Education, Innovation, Foodtech, Gaming, eCommerce, B2B, B2C, Hyperlocal, Social Impact & freelancers. The coming together of amazingly different yet like-minded and industrious individuals, in such a vibrant workspace, to meet, collaborate, communicate and exchange ideas, often creates value that nourishes the whole community.

Shesh Paplikar, CEO & Founder of BHIVE Workspace, firmly believes that co-working spaces are essential to developing a growing and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in India. He reflects that while an entrepreneur or startup spends time, efforts and investments on taking an idea to the next level, there exists many trivial, yet significant, issues that grab attention. Finding the right workspace, maintenance of office space, bill payments and operations, house-keeping and security, procuring food and beverages etc. are a few such distractions. Setting up the perfect backdrop to fix this issue or to amplify one’s productivity, lead to the conception of BHIVE Workspace.

Mr. Arihant Patni, investor, says, “Entrepreneurs need all the help they can get to achieve their vision. Physical work space is one thing, but having support from a community of mentors and other entrepreneurs in the same space is a big asset. BHIVE aims to provide this ecosystem in a way that will really help startups get to the next level. I am excited to support them in this journey."

Be it testing a product or hiring the right employee, finding the co-founder or investors… it all happens at BHIVE. The community celebrates one another’s successes. Mr. Vardhan Koshal, Udacity, explains “We being a small team derive energy from the larger community around us. Working alongside hundred odd people in such a workspace fills us with a feeling of expanse, which in turn keeps us motivated; on a busy day, a good conversation with a fellow member works as a stress buster. This apart, BHIVE Workspace comes at very affordable prices and includes various member benefits and discounts, making the experience more enjoyable!"

BHIVE forms a bridge to support its members for today’s fast moving, energetic and competitive global startup environment. In the regard, BHIVE Workspace has attracted partners like the Open Coffee Club. Mr. Amarinder Singh, Co-nurturer of Open Coffee Club (OCC), says, “OCC Bangalore is one of the oldest entrepreneurship un-conference styled communities in India. BHIVE is Bangalore’s largest co-working space. As the two are aligned in principal, it is but natural that there’s a marriage between them. We value and encourage such a partnership that, together, bridges the gap for many startups in the ecosystem.”

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