FeetApart, an employee engagement & wellness platform based in Bangalore has raised angel funding from Vishal Bali, a senior professional from Nielsen Singapore and a consortium of angel investors across Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. The financials of funding were remain undisclosed.

FeetApart, founded in 2014 by health enthusiasts & techies Abhishek & Ashrith, is a gamified social network for organizations with a vision to inspire and help employees lead a healthy lifestyle at a global scale. The app is available on web, iOS & Android.

There is a big need for employee engagement & well-being at workplaces and health is often neglected with the excuse of lack of motivation and time. Through its proprietary machine learning algorithms, FeetApart personalizes the wellness journey of an individual by suggesting people, activities, goals & challenges and helps in habit formation and rewarding them at achieving personal milestones as well as winning competitions.

"Organizations all over the world are investing a lot in wellness initiatives as it helps improve the culture, employee morale, productivity and reduces attrition & overall costs. Exercising and staying fit is the new drug and can combat stress which is so prevalent in today's population, especially the 9 to 6 workforce", the founders say.

seedX, a high touch platform facilitated the entire fund raise process. Says Rajiv Raghunandan, founder of seedX, "Once we bet upon a venture, we work with them extensively prior to fundraising too. In this case we were working with Abhishek & Ashrith since August of last year on different aspects of the business model. What we liked about the FeetApart model is the passion of the founders and the clear visibility into a profitable business".

"FeetApart has a great B2B2C model in driving health & wellness in the corporate world. The gamification with team competitions, challenges and rewards also allows HR to engage employees in an innovative manner thus driving up the overall health & productivity index of a company's workforce" –


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