In this age of technology, one needs to continuously keep innovating itself in order to stay in the game. The competition is so fierce that even social networking giant Twitter hasn't been left out of it.

According to certain reports doing round the social media circuit, the 140 characters medium is the latest to join the drones run. Now, the main question that comes to one's mind is why does a social media site needs drones. Well, here we're to answer that query. Apparently the company is contemplating using the drone technology for taking photos and videos and transmitting them through users' Twitter accounts.

The social networking giant has already applied for a patent, which became available last week, but of course that doesn’t mean that the company will surely build a drone. However, according to industry pundits, this can be considered as a foundation for a Twitter-controlled UAV.

According to the company, likes, retweets, and replies could be used as a way to control the drone's direction or what it records or photographs. Twitter is also talking about telepresence and live video interview capabilities. Agreed that all of this does sound a look ambitious but we have to give to Twitter for thinking out of the box and trying something new.

What is also interesting is the fact that the company had also launched its live-streaming app Periscope last year, which means Twitter could actually use the app with the drones to capture and broadcast events through its platform, with crowds of Periscope app users controlling the entire process. When a leading news channel asked for byte on the news, a Twitter spokesperson replied with "Two words: drone selfies." Well, isn't that sneaky and interesting.

We will wait, Twitter, but we hope the wait is worth it.

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