Saipraveen Karamsetty, an engineering graduate based out of Chilakaluripet - a small town in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, was bored of the regular desk job and wanted to something different. His yearning for excitement led him to launch his startup Happybuy.

Notably, Chilakaluripet is a small town and so small that obviously no big players in online grocery & food delivery segment are putting their hands in it and this what where a mediocre startup like HappyBuy comes in to tap what is untapped and of course risky as well.


Saipraveen had once discussed this problem with a bank employee while he was getting some work done. Days later this struck him again and he seriously started working towards the idea. In his quest to find something beyond his desk work he struck gold in the form of his startup Happybuy. They built a platform connecting the customer and the retailers. It is an online platform catering to your needs. They sell all daily need products like vegetables, fruits, branded products, restaurant food and much more. They have recently introduced handy services like AC, fridge, washing machine at the customer's location as well.



HappyBuy was founded by three people from the same family, a mother and two sons. They set out to realize their dreams together.
Ratna kumari : She is the founder's mother. She is the supporter and the backbone of the entire startup. This venture would not have been possible without her.
Saipraveen karamsetty(founder) : He is the founder of the company. He takes care of each and every detail of the website, which involve maintaining the website and any technical issue that might occur. Besides that he is also responsible for observing the market and the competition out there, and taking feedback from customers and also works on order management.
Hemanth karamasetty: He looks after the delivery management system, customer engagement and marketing, and product management.

Apart from this, they have recruited an employ for a door to door campaigning and a few other activities as a helper.


They are the only online service providers in their local market. Unlike other platforms that only provide one service, they have created a common platform that covers all daily needs of a person. Also, they provide the best quality of service at competitive prices. They have set criteria on the basis of which they select their sellers. They select their sellers on a basis of quality, price, service, and reputation. They make sure that the sellers they register on their website are reliable and trustworthy.


They aim to solve the problems working people face with a simple solution. They want to provide high quality and good service at a competitive price.


They are currently in bootstrapped stage. They started off with mere 8000 INR, as the founder claims.


Their website is serving to about one lakh customers as of now. They have more than 100 registered users and on an average, they get 5 to 6 orders on a daily basis. The good part is they have repeat customers, their customers stick to them and keep coming back. They get their customers to trust them by providing the best possible services.


Their plans for the future are very systematic. Their first plan of action is to expand to 10 other areas in next 4 months. Apart from this, they are also working on introducing more services on their websites like Auto rickshaw booking. If everything goes by the plan, they might break even within 1 year. Their long term plan is boosting technology and infrastructure too.

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