January 16th, had seen PM's much ambitious project 'StartUp India, StandUp India' initiative finally hit the limelight. The launch event unveiled the action plans that the Indian government has chalked out to support the early stage startups in the country. In same event Google hosted a live contest dubbed also as the "Startup India Standup India" to promote start-ups in India.

The mega launch of the initiative saw five shortlisted Indian start-ups pitching in their solutions as a part of Google's Launchpad. And ss part of this, all five shortlisted start-ups will get a chance to be a part of Google's Launchpad Accelerator Program in July 2016.

The winner announced by none other than PM Modi is Bengaluru-based Cardiac Design Labs, the startup got $100,000 worth of Cloud Credit from Google.

The five finalist startups inculding the winning startup, are as follows:

1) Cardiac Design Labs (Winner) -


Aiming to better the healthcare scene of the country, the startup offers real time analysis and generates instant alarms on episode detection, thus enhancing the patient care and safety standards currently prevalent in the country. The startup has created MIRCaM, which stands for Mobile Intelligent Remote Cardiac Monitor. MIRCaM comprehensive suite comprises of a Bodyworn unit, Patient’s Bedside Unit, MIRCaM Doctor’s Terminal and MIRCaM Doctor’s Mobile App. In addition to all this, it opens new possibilities for monitoring of vital patient parameters with wearable biomedical sensors. This will allow the patient to be mobile and still be under continuous medical monitoring.

2) Guru-G -


Founded in the year 2013, the startup aims to become every teacher's friend by converting existing content into easily adaptive teaching packs. These packs are actually an in-class guidance to teachers on how they can teach a particular topic in different ways to their students. Not only this, the guidance can also adapt to the teacher's past behaviour, student moods and the practices that have resulted in best learning outcomes for the teacher's students. Thus, making it the least intrusive, most teacher-friendly and easiest way of making a student's performance improve. The app is currently being used in more than 400 government and private schools by more than 4000 teachers and has resulted in 86% improvement in student outcomes in these schools. Helping the Gurus(teachers) of the country, the startup is actually making sure that the future of India is in secure and smart hand always.

3) Reap Benefit -


The startup believes, the youth of the country has what it takes to bring a change. Hence, their mission is to combine youth and technology to solve the ever-degrading problems of local environment and civic problems like sanitation, waste, air quality, and energy etc. Further, they aim to achieve their mission through sourced data of local issues, making use of existing do it yourself solutions and community collaborations. The startup has already worked with over 15,000 students since its existence and saved more than 2 million litres of water, 200 tonnes of waste and 100,000 units of power​. It has also developed low cost solutions such as water less urinals, organic enzymes to convert food waste into bins and compost and weather stations.

4) Sbalabs Pvt. Ltd. - Jackboy Sense & Kalink -


Pollution in the country have skyrocketed like never before. Instead of being mere spectators to this problem, Sbalabs aims to take concrete steps to solve it. Soot (Black Carbon), a mass of impure carbon particles is resulted from the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons. It is mainly a result of pollution produced by those thousands of vehicles and industries out there on the roads nowadays. While we know about the problem of air-pollution in the country, many of us are unaware of the fact that breathing in this soot can cause serious health effects like heart attacks and strokes, premature death, aggravated asthma among children and bronchitis etc. The startup is working on repurposing pollution's carbon capture to industrial grade raw material for printing industry like inks, pigments, paints etc.

5) SlamdunQ -


Wearable technology was the 'it' thing last year and it seems to be maintaining its it factor all through the coming years. Established in the year 2014, the startup combines the best of wearable technology and the sports world. Using Smartwatches and SmartBands already available in the market, the startup is developing applications for these wearables in order to improve their clients’ sporting potential. In order to do so, the team delves deep into each sport and spends considerable time understanding and decoding so as to devise solutions that effectively better their game.

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