This recent startup revolution that has taken over is not a global phenomenon, it is just restricted to the boundaries of a few nations, India being one of them. The startups have made their presence felt in our nation in a way that our youth today is swayed towards them more than well-established firms and companies. They would rather work for a promising startup than at an established company. This is probably because startups give more freedom and the work is more challenging in comparison to a company where no matter what you have to stick to the norms. This startup bug is not just restricted to the young generation, it has percolated its way through to the older generations and into politics as well.

Infosys, India's top consulting firm, recently commissioned a survey of young adults in nine major economies around the world and found a striking different opinions among different countries.

According to the surveys, the zeal to work in a startup is just restricted to a few countries of the likes of India, France, Brazil and a few others. Interest is highest in India, Brazil and France and is lowest in Australia. The US ranks close to the global average, at less than 10%, even though highly successful startups such as Facebook, Uber and AirBnb have attracted multi-billion-dollar valuations, while turning their founders into global celebrities.

[caption id="attachment_103249" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Infosys startup job survey source: Infosys[/caption]

Worldwide only 8% of young adults prefer startups, rest 26% would still prefer a stable job at an established firm. The respondents still crave stability and job security of a prestigious company more than the dynamic and progressive working environment of a startup. That being said, in India, China, South Africa and Brazil, 26% of the respondents said that their ideal company would be one with about 250 employees. Also other than US and Germany, people preferred to start a business of their own rather than working for a small company. These are some figures giving us a peek into the mindset of the young generation of our world today.

India's PM, Mr. Narendra Modi, has recently launched the "Startup India, Standup India" program aimed at promoting startups and helping this startup ecosystem develop in our nation. Startups have swept all of us off are feet and is slowly spreading in the Indian society.

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