In the 21st century, the one thing that has truly worsened for India as a country, is its traffic. Most of the Indian population spend a considerable amount of their day time commuting back and forth from work. Considering this, Elsys Intelligent Devices, a Trivandrum based startup, has developed a very innovative car gadget and road safety platform, that works towards ensuring the safety of the people while on the road.

Raksha SafeDrive by Elsys Intelligent Devices is essentially a connected car device that automatically calls for help in a crash, alerts family & friends thus enabling a faster response.

Beside being a device it is also a smart road safety 'platform' enabled by the cloud technologies, electronics, Internet of Things (IoT) and telecommunications. Incubated at the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), the startup has recently launched an online crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, the world's leading crowdfunding platform, for funding the innovative idea.

The platform basically has two components, an innovative IoT car gadget called the SafeDrive and a network of emergency services coordinated by a 24/7 command centre called the RakshaNet.

The gadget works in a very simple way. Once it is mounted in a car, it activates its automatic crash detection capabilities. Thus, in the case of a massive impact, the gadget triggers phone calls to RakshaNet command centre, currently being managed by a team of safety professionals, who in turn alert the emergency services functioning in the locality.


SafeDrive installation is simple, easy, intuitive and a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) task. No spliced wires, No tear downs. Just attach Velcro pads and plug the adapter into cigarette lighter port. You are all set.


Launched on October 23, the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has so far raised little over USD 11,000. They are on verge of reaching their fundraising goal of USD 15,000.

In the event of a crash, Raksha Safedrive, placed on the rearview mirror in front of the driver, will also send the location details of the vehicle and an initial assessment of the severity of the accident. It has a Smart Panic Button that provides a one-touch two-way voice connectivity with the support network, and can be used in case of an emergency services like medical, police, fire and breakdown. Officials from the centre will call the vehicle in distress, assesses the situation, and provide the needed assistance.

Currently, in India, there's no structured way to alert emergency services in case of an incident. In most of the cases, the first alert is usually initiated by kind bystanders who inform about the incident.

[caption id="attachment_102586" align="aligncenter" width="680"]Jayanth Jagadeesh and Prasad Pillai Co-Founders of Elsys Jayanth Jagadeesh (left) and Prasad Pillai (right) are the Co-Founders of the company[/caption]

According to Prasad Pillai, Co-founder, Elsys, SafeDrive is a cool and affordable gadget compatible with most cars running on the Indian roads. According to him, the gadget is a true blue example of a Make-In-India effort to address road accidents, a global problem.

Along with crash detection, the device also comes with various other features like reporting telemetrics, GPS tracking, and improving driving behaviour. Thus, it is an ideal partner for all drivers on the road.

Given the increasing number of road accidents and resulting casualties on Indian roads, this innovative product is surely the need of the hour. The startup is currently being supported by Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) seed funding.


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