Already having a successful business in healthcare in their kitty, two IIT Delhi graduates, Kaustubh Chandrabhan and Anshuman Chaudhary has launched their second venture - DailyDoc

The founders came up with the idea for DailyDoc when they realised the game changing role technology could play in the management of chronic and long term diseases in India. It is essentially a platform that makes on-going care convenient, effective and collaborative for patients and care providers.

According to recent statistics available, about 60% of all healthcare spending is done on Chronic diseases. Further, Diabetes alone has some 60 million patients in the country with another 30 million heart patients.

In simple words, DailyDoc is a chronic care management platform working towards improvement in the outcomes of chronic care by making the processes more collaborative, data driven and efficient.

[caption id="attachment_102816" align="alignleft" width="233"]Kaustubh Chandrabhan and Anshuman Chaudhary - Co-founders, DailyDoc Kaustubh Chandrabhan and Anshuman Chaudhary - Co-founders, DailyDoc[/caption]

Gurgaon-based DailyDoc claims to be India's first chronic care management platform, disrupting the more than USD 50 billion chronic healthcare market in India. DailyDoc focuses on improving outcomes in chronic care by making it more efficient, data driven and collaborative. Its product suite includes a patient app on android and a web based physician dashboard that syncs over the cloud with the patient app.

DailyDoc differentiates itself from its competitors by the way they deliver personalized health insights based on the way a user/patient interacts with the app each day and the way their care management modules are organised.

Furthermore, DailyDoc's medication adherence system is very organised and powerful. So much so that it can really benefit a user's health as medication non-adherence and ignorance are considered some of the most important reasons for poor results in chronic care.

The patient app comes with goal tracking combined with graphical insights of personalised health insights and patient data through automated reports and proprietary algorithms that can further be emailed to any care provider. On the top of it, DailyDoc also provides the patients an opportunity to collaborate with their physicians through the feature of secure messaging.

The Gurgaon based startup currently has around 400 users who are using the app to manage their diabetes. The app also has a very high engagement rate with some of them using the app more than 10 times a day.

With the app currently only available in NCR, the startup's immediate plans include expanding DailyDoc's healthcare services to Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai in the first phase.

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