Wouldn't it be awesome if one single platform could offer us both, the goodness of a social networking site like Facebook and the awesomeness of a local marketplace like etc. Well, Tradly, a Chennai based Social Marketplace has been successful in achieving this feat.

The startup's mission is to create a mobile platform that is safe and at the same time, a fun and friendly community place to discover, connect and trade used/new products using the Tradly mobile application.

Tradly isn't like a typical public classified board, it is actually a social marketplace that allows community members to engage within themselves by the option of chatting, following their favourite users on the App to sell, buy, donate and swap their products. The app also comes with a unique Discover feature that allows users to discover products near by local areas, based on the product type and category. Along with the Discover feature, the app also comes with Connect feature and trade feature that allows users to FOLLOW and CHAT with their favourite people in order to know more about them and buy, sell, donate and swap their used or new items without any listing cost.

The app which has been successfully downloaded by more than 500 people (so far), aims to improve the app by Improving the social Features, End to End Logistics features and having a smooth Payment Gateway.

The startup believes that while in western countries and south east asia, the classified is almost over with the introduction of many social mobile commerce platforms, which are fun and at the same time safe, bringing the next level of peer to peer marketplace. On the other hand, In india, its still old traditional classified like OLX and Quickr. Tradly aims to change this scenario by creating a platform that not only empowers the village handi craft makers but also the young student community to trade their self made creations and even make money from their existing resources.

[caption id="attachment_102436" align="aligncenter" width="700"](L-R) Mohammed Thahaseen & JK Baseer, Co-Founder, Tradly (L-R) Mohammed Thahaseen & JK Baseer, Co-Founder, Tradly[/caption]

The startup has been co-founded by two geniuses, JK Baseer and Mohammed Thahaseen. With an experience of more than 5 years in the Ecommerce field, JK currently holds the profile of Product Manager at Tardly. Further, he has been actively assisting digital strategies and marketing activities of 2 of the top 10 E-commerce business in ASEAN countries. He is an Avid book reader, a Business freak and a data geek.

Thahaseen, on the other hand, is a tech enthusiast and an aspiring entrepreneur, who been with Ford for few years. He currently holds the profile of Product Architect at Tardly.

Not to forget, both Flipkart and Snapdeal have earlier launched their community shopping features/apps called Ping and Shopo respectively, which are quite similar to Tradly except that what Flipkart and Snapdeal doing as additional app or app feature Tradly is doing the same as full-fledged and in much broader way.

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