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On ocassion of Diwali, one of India's largely celebrated festival, two of the largest social media plaforms - Facebook and Twitter have captured India's geography with their users' activity about the festival of lights.

In the picture below, Facebook recorded 45 million unique people having 198 million interactions about Diwali in the last five days, India was followed by Guyana and Nepal in the list of countries with the highest number of posts about the festival of lights.

[caption id="attachment_102367" align="aligncenter" width="700"]facebook_diwali Facebook heatmap shows the most active Diwali locations in India[/caption]

Top 5 countries in terms of percent of Monthly Active People (MAP) engaging with Diwali content were:

1. India – 21% of MAP
2. Guyana– 19% of MAP
3. Nepal— 18% of MAP
4. Singapore – 14% of MAP
5. Bhutan— 10% of MAP

Twitter too recorded Diwali activity in India and made a actibity heatmap in form of dequential video :


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