What would be the three wishes that a travel enthusiast would ask if he/she was given this chance by a genie? I think, cheap, safe and fast travel options would figure out as top three on the priority list of many. Making these true wishes of travel hungry people come true is a Bangalore based genie called YatraGenie.com.

Started in the year 2013, the company claims to be one of India’s leading online bus ticketing and cab booking platforms. YatraGenie provides a one stop travel solution to travel junkies looking for budget travels. Functioning on the motto of providing best service at the best price to its customers, the startup works on a commission based business model. Further, it differentiates itself in the market by making available hassle free and low-cost bus ticketing service.

For YatraGenie, it's customers security is its priority. Therefore, in the light of this, the startup has paid close attention to the RTA authorities mandated security measures like GPS tracking systems, panic buttons, background checks for certified drivers and live tracking.

[caption id="attachment_102505" align="alignleft" width="310"]Renil Komitla Renil Komitla[/caption]

YatraGenie is the result of the great vision of Renil Komitla, CEO and Founder, YatraGenie Services Pvt Ltd. A leader, a dreamer, an idea accelerator and a sharp executor, Komitla is a Founder member of Paxterra Software Solutions. With a rich experience of working with high-profile companies like CISCO, STOKE, and Wichorus on his side, Komitla saw immense potential in the travel industry and came up with YatraGenie.

YatraGenie current services include bus services, cab facilities, hotel booking as well as tour packages. Next, they plan to start an information and deals section which will educate travellers about the possible kind of opportunities and places that they could explore and avail during their travel period.

The Startup has raised Series A funding from a well-known entrepreneur and Silicon Valley investor, Ash Bhardwaj. The funds raised are currently being used towards expansion of the business in Karnataka and to increase the market base in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

With current presence across 40 Indian cities and towns, YatraGenie aims to increase this numbers to 100 cities by the end of this year.

The startup has been successful in grabbing a lot of eyeballs in such a short people of time since its launch. Figures like 1,36,198 mobile downloads, more than 7 lakh customers, more than 2,00,000 cab rides and 1 lakh 10 thousand followers on social media rightfully reflect the startup's skyrocketing growth.

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