In this fast-paced life, we're seldom able to focus on all the dimensions of our life and keep everyone happy. Most of the times, while we're able to take care of our personal life and relationships, it's our own home, health and beauty that takes the beating. Working on the principle of 'YOU is also important', is Aarigo, a Mumbai based startup.

Claiming to be India's first open market place for service, Aarigo helps by connecting all types of local service providers to service seekers. For example, if your toilet tap needs a quick fix, or you need an urgent beauty parlour appointment for a party, they're your go-to people. The customers are provided with the options of professional service provider on the basis of various parameters such as price, quality and reviews.

The process involved is quite simple. A customer seeking a particular service is simply required to browse that particular service over the Aarigo website. On search, a list of trusted service providers in their locality will be displayed on their computer screen. They can then choose the best service provider on the basis of his/her price, quality and service.

Taking inspiration from big tech giants such as Apple Inc., Facebook and Microsoft etc., about how they have continuously managed to evolve and improve their products, customer support, and technology, inspite of being market leaders, the Aarigo team aims to serve the customer with the best quality possible.

Encouraging people to move away from Yellow pages and random Google searches for services providers, Aarigo.com not only helps customers in saving time, and energy but also their hard earned money.

According to the startup, the USP of their services is that they are regularly updated and work in real-time. Aarigo is a person's one stop shop for his multiple local services needs. Currently, a customer can book every type of hyper local service providers within a minute, using Aarigo. There is no other company currently in the market providing all these features.

[caption id="attachment_102518" align="alignleft" width="383"](L-R) Sushant Darekar & Amit Baravkar (L-R) Sushant Darekar & Amit Baravkar[/caption]

Aarigo is the result of the vision of two brilliant minds, Sushant Darekar, CEO & Co Founder and Amit Baravkar, CTO & Co Founder. Sushant is an MBA graduate from Wales University (UK), having worked for 3 years in London in an MNC. He currently looks after overall strategy planning and overall product development, and other areas.

Amit, however, is a B. Tech (Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering), BBA (Corporate secretaryship), M.Tech (Systems Management), Master of Business Laws. Since the year 2012 he has been engaged in various businesses. He currently looks after technological development and needs of the Aarigo.com website.

With more than 200 service providers and 5000 unique visitors within two months of the launch, the path ahead for Aarigo.com looks quite bright. They have also successfully processed orders and transaction of worth more than 50k within such a short period of time.

Currently bootstrapped, the startup is looking forward to raising funds and is in talks with various angles and early stage investor for the same.

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