What if I tell you that a Mumbai based startup now gives you a chance to combine the three biggest passions of your life, gaming, shopping and earning. Many of you would think that the 21st century has finally got me and I have lost it. Well, this is not the case. A startup called Frapee has actually been successful in bringing together the world of shopping, gaming and earning, together.

A first of its kind mobile gaming aggregator in the Indian market, the startup enables its users to earn discounts/cashbacks while indulging in gaming. They further provide points or 'Frapees' to the gamers for winning on these games, which can later be redeemed by the gamer against free coupons or exciting discounts of over hundred e-commerce and retail brands like Amazon, Jabong, Bookmyshow, among others that the startup has collaborated with. The points are provided to the users at no costs whatsoever to them. In simple word- More Gaming translates to More Earning, and more shopping.

The main aim behind Frapee is to help game developers monetize their products and gamers or users to achieve tangible benefits in their leisure time. Thus, making it a win-win situation for both the demand and the supply side.

Unlike its competitors, Frapee doesn't require its users to engage in brand promotional activities (eg. surveys, posting product images etc.) in order to gain tangible incentives of brands . Thus, proving to be a far more engaging platform to its users than its competitors.


Already being passionate about e-commerce and gaming, the team came up with Frapee during one of their brainstorming sessions. They came across that there was an existing requirement of hundreds of smaller, funky ecommerce startups to project themselves to the youth and create product awareness in order to enable purchase. That's when the concept for Frapee crossed their mind.

Aditya Sharma, Siddharth Shah, Gautam Udani and Yuvek Mehta are the men behind the brilliant concept. The startup is currently bootstrapped and self-sustaining with the initial capital put in by the founders. They also have an in-principle approval from an angel investor whose funds are still waiting to be used.

With 900+ downloads, without any marketing efforts, 80 brands with 400+ discounts or free coupons and Increase in games from 2 to 9 within one month, the startup seems to have started on a great note.

For the future, the Mumbai based startup is hopeful of getting onboard more than 100 games and 300 brands by the end of 2016. They also plan to launch an iOS version while continuously improve the existing User interface by adding features such as multi-player functionalities etc. With all their future plans put into action, they're hopeful that they will be realistically be able to reach the milestone of 50,000 users within a year.

Are gaming and e-commerce two of your greatest loves? Then, what are you waiting for?

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