A Kurnool based startup called Flying Pics has invented a fun and effective way of advertising. The startup, called FlyingPics considers advertising through hoardings on road as a thing of the past.

According to the startup, nowadays traffic jams have become such a regular occurrence in our fast paced lives that no one even cares to turn his/her head to see a particular hoarding or advertisement while stuck in a jam.

With FlyingPics, you can fill up form & select your personal photos & upload them from your smartphone or desktop and FlyinPics will print these photos and deliver them at your doorstep, for absolutely no cost.

With 'Flying Pics', the startup aims to take advertisements directly to the customers house personally with their photos. By doing this, not only will the advertisers save a lot of money and paper but they will also be able to register the brand in their customers minds for a longer duration as advertisements on hoardings are for a period of time but advertisements behind a photograph is life long.

[caption id="attachment_102349" align="alignleft" width="320"](L-R) Pratap Reddy Agile and Saikrishna Gadwal (L-R) Pratap Reddy Agile and Saikrishna Gadwal[/caption]

Launched exclusively for the people of Kurnool, Vizag and Vijayawada, this innovative startup has been founded by two final year students of G.pulla reddy engineering college, Saikrishna Gadwal and Pratap Reddy Agile. According to them, being enthusiastic engineering students, they always had the drive to do something new and innovative. Further, as a part of their curriculum, they had been dealing with subjects related to Digital science, IT and Web Design on a daily basis and that is when the idea of 'Flying Pics’ site, a solution for printing memories, came to their minds.

With around 1,20,000 people in kurnool having internet access, their target is to reach maximum audience in kurnool and then in vizag and Vijayawada.

The startup makes revenue by placing advertisements behind the printed image. The startup's target for now is to reach 100000 hits (users) as quickly as possible.

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