Running an Ecommerce website is not always an easy task. There are sales to make, order to fill and payments to receive. This is why it is necessary to make sure you have your bases covered when it comes to running a good Ecommerce website.

We have to look at things from a visitor's point of view. We have to start with the beginning, when the user visits an Ecommerce website, and goes through to the very end, when that user place an order. We won't be getting into every details of an ecommerce site. Instead, we are going to give essential things for your Ecommerce site in order to maintain continued success and meet the ever changing needs of consumers.

Here are 10 essential things for your Ecommerce site should have:

1. Good Experience for Mobile Shoppers

In today's world 75% of people purchased from mobile devices rather than personal computers and laptops, so main motive to your ecommerce websites is mobile friendly, that is must. Your website ensure checkout cart functions easily on mobile, keep your mobile version simple with clear links.

For example - ReefaNext is the shopping websites and have mobile version. Customers can access their site on smartphones with affirm swift. They have easy and convenient way of searching and browsing. Customers can simply browse, compare offers and shop online from anywhere and anytime.


2. Easy Checkout Process

Checkout process is a striking balance between good functionality, usability and trust building key that offers a good checkout experience. If the checkout is poorly designed you could easily losing up to 67% of customers. To make checkout more attractive you have to display security logos, show shipping clearly, ensure it is fast particularly on mobile and show images of the products in the carts.

For example - OrderVenue is an online store and offer their customers a real shopping experience with the products that can exclusively available for them. Their checkout are attractive, they show shipping clearly.


3. Good Quality Product Pictures

Product picture could be the most important thing in your ecommerce website. It gives user the first experience of your product. So your pictures should be high quality with good lighting. Include a gallery of pictures to show all features of the product. Let customers see a larger version of the photography in zoom function.

For example - SnapDeal is a very famous online shopping, their products are genuine. They have gallery of pictures to show all features of the product. They provide the larger version of the product images in zoom function.


4. Have a Clear Returns Policy

People return products when they're disappointed or the product is not up to the mark. So first part of a ecommerce website that a good return policy. This Policy can actually help your customer to make the decision to purchase. Make your policy easy to find and write it in easy language, no legal or internal policy jargon. Don't include hidden return cost, be explicit and clear about costs. You have to be clear about whether the returns is for cash, exchange or credit.

For example - ShopClues will replace any order within 10 days of delivery and with free return shipping if customers receive a product which is not as per the specifications ordered by them.


5. Detailed Product Descriptions

Give clear and accurate descriptions about your products. This help buyers to make decision of purchase easily. Descriptions is like your store's sales staff so it needs to be more informative. Give FAQ's section too, to help peoples who have any issue about your products.

Product description should have size, texture, dimension, colours and warranties.

For example - Flipkart they give brief information of their products like features, warranty and dimension etc.


6. Low cost or Free Shipping Charges

Low cost or free shipping is the number one method for making a purchasing decision on a websites. This is the main information. The ability to get products delivered within a particular time frame, and for a cost that the customer considers reasonable is a huge part of a shopper's purchase decision.

If your business model does not allow you to make the shipping cost completely free, the least you can do is reduce costs to a minimum, or offer free deleivery once a customer orders over a certain amount.

For example - Ebay provides low cost and free shipping which leads this website to the world's top 5 online shopping websites.


7. Define your Unique Selling Points (USPs)

If you are making an ecommerce website you need to define USPs. To make difference from yours competitors, and it help to attract the buyers. If you want to know what's your USPs are, firstly ask yourself what makes you different from your competitors? And why customers will buy from you and not from your competitors?

If you have the answers of these questions then you know your Unique Selling Points (USPs).

For example
Planetjashn have made their USPs as an online business obvious across their website:
1. Same day shipping; 2. Free shipping


8. Latest news and most popular products

When there are new items, news, a sales that the buyers should know about the product, the home page is the best way to house them. Make simple way for buyers to find new deals and hot prices. Customers will more likely look through new items on sale rather than spending half an hour searching through the full list for something new and trendy.

For example - amazon provides all its latest product list, sales to their home page.


9. Shopping Cart, Login Box and Search Box

The search box, login box and shopping cart are normally located next to one another at every e-Commerce website. It’s almost unreasonable to imagine a store without a shopping-cart function included. The shopping cart icon is clear and simple so it makes sense to buy or choose something similar for your site. Various stores also give their customers private accounts where it is possible to review all their previous and current orders.

Every customer who signs up in their account can choose a personal login and password for further access. Besides, owners of such accounts can receive notification of special discount offers from the storeowners and participate in various promotions or sales.

For example - Alibaba site provides search box, login box at top of the website.


10. Social Media Links

Social media sites give almost 20% of online purchases after accomplished the surfing. People are interested in public opinion to buy anything in online. Social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are the best, it is a fastest source to get the information you need on about everything.

Moreover, social media accounts bring excellent opportunities for self-promotion and online communities can help to identify the most active and experienced customers, or find new ones who are not aware with the web store yet. For online shops, it’s a good way to keep customers up to date of the latest news, or special deals which leads towards Facebook or Twitter followers only.

For example - benetton provides social media links like facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest and instagram.


I hope you like these tips and may it help in your eCommerce store an ultimate destination for buyers.

If you have any other ideas or tips, feel free to mention in comment section.

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