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Are you super annoyed with that leaking tap in your bathroom that doesn't let you sleep at night and your plumber,whom you finally found after much hard work, is taking forever to fix? Well, this is the case with most of us when it comes to odd jobs such as cleaning, plumbing, carpentry and electrician services.

In our super busy lives, where we hardly get any time to catch our breath, it seems as another job altogether when we have to find a carpenter, plumber or an electrician to do some odd jobs around the house. While finding these services providers is like playing a super tough game of finding the treasure, following up with them once the service is booked is actually when the real chase begins. This is where the startups like HELPI, comes in.

The platform provides a time-based pricing model in which all the blue-collared professionals who are onboard with the startup come with a mobile application that acts as a timer and job manager for them while on the job. Their rates start at a nominal INR 149 for the first hour, including the visiting charges, and after that they charge INR 25 on completion of every 10 minutes. The startup believes that such a model will help in providing the much-desired seamless experience to the customers.

The Gurgaon-based startup currently has an Android app, using which the users can order services in just 3 simple clicks. In order to help those without an Android phone, HELPI also has a toll-free line
1800 212 4357
which can be used to make the bookings. The startup's services are currently only available in Gurgaon, but they have a plan of rolling it out in Delhi soon.

HELPI is quite different from all the traditional models currently available in the market wherein you either have to select a bunch of job packages, or the worker will first come to your home and give you a quote which you may or may not like, but are left with very little choice.

Unlike similar companies like UrbanClap, HouseJoy or Zimmber, HelpI does not work with middlemen or service providers. It has skilled and Aadhaar-verified individuals, who are hand-picked by the startup to offer these services. By doing all this, HELPI aims to eradicate the everyday hassles of search, unending, irritating coordination over phone calls and negotiations for its users.


Headquartered in Gurgaon, the innovative startup has been co-founded by three college friends and IIT Bombay graduates, Piyush Peshwani, Sariputra Waghdhare and Vineet Bansal. Peshwani is currently handling the Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Training, HR department at HELPI. Waghdhare is responsible for Technology and Products and Bansal looks after Process and Operations, Finance and Accounts, Investor Relations at HELPI.

The company's whose vision is to overcome the demand-side and supply-side challenges that exist during engagements between white-collared and blue-collared professionals, has already received seed funding from a group of Angel Investors based out of the United States and planning to raise the next round of funding shortly.

The platform also has a very innovative feedback mechanism at play. If the users are really happy with the HELPI services, the platform encourages them to drop a note at feedback@helpi.in and to send a SELFIE with the blue-collared worker after a job well done. They call this activity 'SELFIE with HELPI' (see pic below), and also put it up on their facebook page at - facebook.com/HELPIPlatform.

[caption id="attachment_101768" align="aligncenter" width="700"]SELFIE with HELPI - HELPI delighted customer in Gurgaon with Electrician SELFIE with HELPI -
HELPI delighted customer in Gurgaon with Electrician[/caption]

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