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A New Delhi based startup called Vulcantronics has committed itself to building a future for technology and improving world's lifestyle.

Having spent all its time on Research and Development of products, Vulcantronics has been able to give birth to some amazing products till now.

One of its products, Barsys, is an automated cocktail dispenser which acts as a great tool for bar-tenders to cater to the needs of their customers. It can even function as your own personal bar-tender at your home/office. An android based interface ensures that the customers can choose/customize from over 1000 cocktails and even neat drinks.



Barsys has an android based interface which ensures that the customers can choose/customize from over 1000 cocktails and even neat drinks.


The idea for the startup first came to the mind of its founder Akshet Tewari, a Mechatronics Engineer from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. During the course of his degree, he realised that there was one common problem being faced during family parties, office get-togethers and college parties. The problem was that of a perfect cocktail and mocktail making machine. Hiring a bar-tender would be too expensive and moreover even if you did get a bar-tender, it didn't guarantee you great cocktails. That is when this idea of automated cocktail/mocktail dispensing machine struck him.

Since Barsys is a party regular, a special effort has been made to give it that stylish and attractive look for parties.

According to the startup, Barsys has been developed keeping human factors in mind. The startup has gone through several prototyping stages in order to bring out the best finished product.

The machine is very simple and user friendly. Once a user places the glass in the glass tray and chooses a drink, the glass tray moves linearly and collects the drink from different stations. It can prepare cocktail, mocktail and also dispense neat drinks as per the requirements of the user. Further, the Alcohol bottles are mounted on to the machine in an inverted manner. So, when a drink is dispensed, the air bubbles in bottle bring the awe factor. Inventory management, power failure safe, quick drinks are some of the other features of the machine.

The startup has already started taking B2B orders for Barsys. It plans to launch it for the consumers during Diwali this year.

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