In this 21st century, we're so consumed by our own self paced lives that we rarely come to know what's going around in our very own neighborhood. Sure, there are times when we all have planned to quit everything on a Saturday and go out and get to know the world around but seldom are we able to trade a comfy day lazing around in our bed and put that plan into action. If you're also one of these, who always had the urge but no time to stay updated on your local news and events, then we have the perfect thing in store for you.

NearFox, a Mumbai based startup, has taken up the responsibility to keep everyone updated about all the happening things happening around in their neighborhoods. From your neighbourhood news to fun events in the city to an awesome discussion forum, NearFox with its Android app promises to keep its users informed, entertained and clued in.

Kiran Patil and Pritesh Mittal, the brains behind the app, gave birth to NearFox after they observed that the information is either not available or is highly unorganized, on the micro-locality level. In fact, they faced the same problem on the hyperlocal level. That's when they decided to do something to fix the problem rather than just sit and crib about it.

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Kiran and Pritesh are both IIT Bombay alumni, having diverse experience in the business field.
Having been the brains behind successful ventures like Villcart and Organic Facts, Kiran has vast experience of the startup ecosystem to his credit. Before coming up with NearFox, he was also heading the sales division in Chaupati Bazar before it finally got acquired by Future Bazaar in the year 2010. Pritesh, on the other hand, had started his career with JP Morgan Chase soon after his graduation till he decided to quit the job to pursue his real calling. He also has an experience of managing the operations of a US based think-tank, Rakshak Foundation, for 2 years.

The main aim behind the app is to reform the long-lost community-interaction. We have become so involved in our own lives nowadays that we hardly ever come to know what's happening around in the area where we spend most of our time in. The app plans to do this by providing its users with content that really matters to them.

With features like local news, events and talk-platform, the app's mission is target a vast demography of users in terms of occupation, age and gender etc. The main attraction of the app is that, apart from the curated content, everything available on the app is user generated.

With NearFox:

  1. You can quickly scan news from your locality

  2. Submit a story that you have witnessed in your locality or come to know about while taking your dog out for a stroll

  3. Having a boring weekend? Use the NerFox app and discover all the local, fun outings, workshops and exhibitions, etc happening in your locality. Say hello to fun weekends.

  4. Use the app to ask and answer questions, discuss things related to the neighborhood

  5. Remain updated about the goings-on in your locality

Having launched in September this year, the app has already received more than 3000 downloads over the span of a month. The startup is currently bootstrapped but they are open to raising funds in order to better their services to their customers.

Looking for a one stop solution to know everything about your locality, go, download NearFox app right away and get connected to your neighborhood peeps.

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