India has seen the sudden outburst of startups since the past five years. Rather than working for big corporations, people nowadays prefer starting their own venture and being their own bosses. Companies such as Flipkart, Zomato are successful examples of such startups.

Nasscom, India's very own software lobby, yesterday announced its EMERGE 10 Awards. The award "recognises information technology products and services organizations that are redefining the benchmarks of excellence for the technology industry". In short, NASSCOM EMERGE 10 identifies the "top 10 hottest" start-ups of India.

Here are the awesome ten.

1. HackerEarth

Founding Year: 2012
Founders: Sachin Gupta , Vivek Prakash

Location/Headquarter: Bengaluru

HackerEarth is basically a product company that provides its clients with disruptive technical recruitment solutions for talent sourcing and skill assessment.

The idea for HackerEarth came to Sachin Gupta when one of the best programmers of his batch at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkie, in 2011 wasn't able to land a job in any of the top companies. This came as a rude shock to Sachin Gupta and his friends. That is when he realized that "the problem was not with this candidate but in the evaluation process of the hiring companies". The unique platform allows recruiters to quickly identify and hire the right candidates from its diverse community of highly knowledgeable and hard-working developers. Further, each of these developers on is scored and ranked by its unique ranking system. The ranking is based on various online programming challenges and developer's profile created by proprietary algorithm and data sciences which assesses a programmer's skill set by analysing his publicly available coding data.

2. Instakash

Founding Year: 2015
Founder(s): Gaurang Sanghvi, Sudarshan T.N.

Location/Headquarter: Bengaluru

Instakash is the result of the founder's, Gaurang Sanghvi's, first hand experience with personal loans in India. When his loan was rejected in October last year, he realised that it was a tedious task to get a loan in India without any credit history. This is when he thought of starting Instakash. Started in January this year, Instakash is an online platform for assessing credit scores for consumers and and helping them in getting loans from banks. It even assesses credit scores based on the data users’ smartphones. This assessment includes behaviour-based data points such as purchase history, location, travelling history, social network presence and modes of transport used etc.

3. Mapmygenome India Ltd.

Product(s): Genomepatri
Founding Year: 2012
Founder(s): Anu Acharya, Subash Lingareddy

Location/Headquarter: Hyderabad

Health is wealth and Mapmygenome understands this very well. The Hyderabad based startup is a molecular diagnostics company that aims to make people prioritise their health by providing them helpful insights based on their genetic data assessment. According to Anu Acharya, founder and chief executive, "The main aim is to build an Indian-centric genetic database that will help in personalized medicine for the Indian population." Acharya thought of the startup while casually reading a book on financial risk management. While reading the book, she wondered if a similar thing could be done for healthcare as well and that's how Mapmygenome was born.

4. MoEngage

Founding Year: 2014
Founder(s): Raviteja Dodda, Yashwanth Kumar

Location/Headquarter: Bengaluru

MoEngage has emerged from the problems that the two co-founders faced in their previous venture, DelightCircle, a mobile application. Overtime they realized that the app had a high churn issue —people uninstalling the app and inactive user base. This is when they decided to solve their this problem by starting MoEngage. The startup is typically a user analytics and engagement platform. The focus of the startup is mainly on mobile app companies. The startup helps the companies in reducing uninstallation rates and inactive user base.

5. Parablu Systems Pvt. Ltd

Products: BlyKrypt, BluSync, BluVault
Founding Year: 2012
Founder(s): Anand Prahlad

Location/Headquarter: Bengaluru

Cloud storage has come as boon for various industries but the only negative associated with the concept is of safety. Parablu aims to take care of this negative and keep your data stored on clouds completely safe and secure. The startup is basically a file synchronisation and sharing solution for mobile devices. The software rather than keeping the data restricted only to the business network, allows the user to write to any cloud destination. This data is then safely and privately transferred using encryption technologies to which only the user/business has the key.

6. Qustn Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Product(s): Qtrain
Founding Year: 2014
Founders: Mrigank Tripathi , Sachin Grover

Location/Headquarter: Noida

This one year old startup basically helps its clients, asses, train and engage with remote workers. The startup's product was launched in March this year. Various studies conducted in the country have shown that their is huge gap between education and knowledge, which means though many people are well educated, very few of them are able to acquire skills and knowledge that make them employable during the course of completing their studies. Qustn aims to abolish this gap. The startup uses mobiles to train people and help them acquire skills that can make them an employable resource.

7. Khemeia (branded Stelae Technologies)

Founding Year: 2012
Founder(s): Aruna Schwarz, Maria Shiao, Pierre Fraisse and Sandeep Raizada

Location/Headquarter: Bengaluru

Founded in 2012, the startup Stelae is a software product company that provides content analysis and pattern recognitions algorithms, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. It allows the transformation of unstructured data into structured, analysable and searchable information.

8. Insightful Labs Pvt. Ltd (branded TargetingMantra)

Founding Year: 2013
Founders: Saurabh Nangia , Rahul Singh

Location/Headquarter: Gurgaon

The idea for TargetingMantra came to Saurabh while working in the core personalization team at Amazon Inc. in Seattle. His team there developed a personalization platform for Amazon's various companies and subsidiaries. There, it struck him, that though such a sophisticated technology and machine-learning platforms were available to big corporations and ecommerce giants, smaller e-commerce companies still couldn't make use of these technologies. This is when he decided to start a world-class personalization and marketing automation platform to e-commerce players globally and provide an even playing field to everyone.

Nangia, co-founder of TargetingMantra, claims that his company's proprietary machine-learning technology has been able to increase conversions for e-commerce companies by about 20%. The technology helps e-commerce companies to provide a hyper-personalized experience to every customer on various channels including email, web, mobile notifications and Web notifications.
TargetingMantra has also been chosen as 10 Promising Gurgaon Startups of 2014 by IndianWeb2

9. Happay

Founding Year: 2012
Founder(s): Anshul Rai, Varun Rathi

Location/Headquarter: Bengaluru

For a company, every rupee counts. And, Bengaluru based Happay makes sure that the company gets the real worth of each rupee spent by keeping a track of its expenses. The online expense management system lets companies issue cards to employees and helps them in keeping a track of their spending in real time. It is a mobile and web based solution. Using the service, the employees can click a picture of the receipt and tag it to the respective expense, select expenses based on trips and submit them for approval. The company's future plans involve providing a unified platform where business can keep a track and manage every single paisa they spend.

10. Vidooly

Founding Year: 2014
Founder(s): Ajay Mishra , Nishant Radia , Subrat Kar

Location/Headquarter: Noida

Videos are the next big thing and Facebook with its auto video play feature further strengthens the growing popularity of this trend. Noida based Vidooly Media Tech Pvt. Ltd recognised this trend a year earlier and started the YouTube intelligent marketing and analytics suite. The startup helps companies, brands and content creators build audience base, maximise their YouTube views and grow faster as a company. Currently, Vidooly is being used by more than 5,000 YouTube channels all over the world.

Emerge 50 2015 from NASSCOM Product Connect

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