If all goes well, Indians might just soon be able to work on an operating system 'made in India'. Yes, after Microsoft Windows, iOS and all other major operating systems available in the market, it is now time to make way for the BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solutions).

The BOSS can been seen as another step taken by the Indian government towards digitization of India under its pet project, 'Make in India'.

The operating system's software package is being described as "India's own PC operating system” and "the most meaningful product to come out of the Indian software industry in decades - and a work that a government department has done”.

BOSS is GNU/Linux distribution developed by C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) derived from Debian for enhancing the use of Free/ Open Source Software throughout India. It comes with Linux Foundation certification for compliance with the Linux Standard Basestandard.

First developed by National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source Software in the year 2007, the software is now being developed along with DRDO, Gujarat Technical University and a few private computer software enthusiasts have also been involved.

The new Indian Operating system will provide power packed security features to its customers in order to protect them from the uncountable unfair deeds of hackers nowadays. The OS will also come with a bulk file converter and a virtual keyboard on the display screen itself in order to ensure speedy and safe transfer of data.

Being an Indian based Operating System, the BOSS will be able to understand 18 languages in total including Indian regional languages such as Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati Malayalam and Bengali to name a few.

Moreover, India (government) can also ask all the banks in the country to switch OS curently used in ATMs, which is Microsoft Windows, to BOSS. Evenmore, last year, state of Tamil Nadu has even issued an order to all state-run banks to consider installing BOSS as one of the mandatory operating system. The huge investment cost involved in purchasing closed source software (such as Windows 7 etc.) may be avoided, which in turn translates into huge savings for the government. Developer of BOSS operating system says that its is not vulnerable as like Microsoft Windows.

India being one of the fastest growing economies in the world was in a desperate need of an Operating System of its own in order to protect itself from the frequent hacking attempts being made by professional Chinese Indian hackers. Also, the Wikileaks reports have brought back to light the vulnerabilities of the cyberspace most countries. The report revealed that currently India was the most scrutinized country by the United States intelligence agencies. In times like these, the BOSS operating system was a much needed invention.

The BOSS can be currently downloaded from its official website absolutely free of cost.

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